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This page will have content to support children at home in the event of self-isolation or school closure. 

Hello Eagle Class!

Hi Eagles,

We would like to say a massive well done to all of you - you have survived a whole term of home learning.  We have really missed you, but have been really proud to receive your e-mails showing amazing work, hobbies that you are practising, new skills that you are learning and we've seen evidence of some of you helping around the house.  

You can now have a well deserved two week half term!  However, we would just ask one thing of you.  Please keep learning your lines for the production, so that you know them off by heart.  Also remember to check out the songs and practise those too.  

For now, enjoy the sunshine and keep positive - you are all amazing!

Mrs Milward and Mr Dawson


Break a world record! 

Fancy breaking a world record? Are you a rock star at times tables? Check out how you could become a world record holder here:

Production Script

An overview of learning for term 5

Extra Maths Challenges


Dear Year 6,

The end of year 6 is always an exciting time - looking forward to your Secondary School adventure whilst celebrating your time at Aldington. Usually this includes several special events for year 6. The plan is to hold on to as many of these as possible. We will be doing the 'Kicking out ceremony', Parents v Children rounders and shirt signing - currently I can't tell you when but we will make sure this takes place. 

Another thing year 6 look forward to is the production. This year will be no different! We are planning to remotely carry out auditions and some smaller rehearsals. We will share scripts and song lyrics and sort costumes all in advance of any joint rehearsals! We can't tell you currently when we will perform but again we will make every effort to perform our production as we always have!

This year we will be performing 'Oliver'! There are several major, minor and technical parts available. So initially all we would like to know is if you would like to audition for a main or minor part and if you are happy to potentially sing a solo. Once we have this information we will set up Zoom, Skype or Face time auditions and then we will cast the parts. 

If you are keen to audition or would like a technical (lighting /music) part please send an email to the class email and we will be in touch.,

The audition will consist of reading some lines in role (the script will be uploaded to the website today) and (if you plan to audition for a solo) singing a song of your choice.

Exciting times ahead. We look forward to hearing from you all!


Mrs Milward and Mr Dawson

Hi Eagles,


Well done to all of you for being so sensible last week with all the changes that took place.  


So far we have had an amazing year together; now we just need to continue this slightly differently.  


You all have learning packs, as well as the content on this web page.  Please feel free to e-mail any work to us - either just to show us how amazing it is or for us to comment on (for example, if you you want help on how to improve your writing).  We would love to see what you are doing!  Also, please  ask for help with anything you don't understand.  We are hoping to be able to upload Youtube videos to help you. 


Luckily, we have covered most of the knowledge you need in year 6, so it is a case of practising and improving those skills.  Therefore, you have a bit of flexibility in how you choose to spend your time.  You know what you find hard and would benefit from more practise on.   If there is a particular topic you would really like to find out about, create your own project using your amazing writing, art ICT skills etc.  You know the high quality of work that is expected of you - use your time wisely and creatively.  


Following on from that, is there a new skill you could learn?  Would you like to learn to cook, or learn DIY skills or maybe even learn to speak a new language?  You could include photos and information in your floor books.  


Keep checking this page for updates.  


Finally, please keep in touch.  We still care - just from a distance!


Mrs Milward and Mr Dawson

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Fancy some extra Maths?


Why not try Maths Chase!


Maths Chase is a completely free home online learning tool where you can play times tables games, along with many other Mathematics skill-based games!  The site features lots of games that you can play at home.  We hope you will find it a fun and different way to improve your Maths accuracy and speed.

Aldington Youtube Channel!


We are excited to announce that Aldington Primary School now has its own Youtube channel! Teachers will be uploading videos during our time apart with extra activities, story time, competitions and mini lessons to help support your learning at home.

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