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The end of the school year


I can't quite believe that we are almost at the end of the school year. What an unusual year it has been! 


I just wanted to take this opportunity to say a big well done for 'smashing' home learning and a thank you for your continued support throughout. I know that it has been challenging at times but also know that so many of you have loved this precious time at home. 


All of the Panda Class adults hope that you have a lovely summer holiday and a well deserved rest! We look forward to seeing you in September.



Miss Jackson, Mrs Penfold, Miss Griggs, Mrs Michaelis, Miss Hareshe and Mrs Burden


Term 6, Week 7


Congratulations if you are still persevering with home learning. Only 4 days to go!


Pleas note, this week there will be no White Rose maths activities. 

Term 6, Week 7 resources

Aldington Primary School Home Learning Passport


How did you get on with your Home Learning Passport?




Mud Fairy Cakes Recipe

Miss Jackson and Miss Burden have been busy making mud fairy cakes. Can you follow the recipe to make your own?

Aldington YouTube Channel!


We are excited to announce that Aldington Primary School now has its own YouTube channel! Teachers will be uploading videos during our time apart with extra activities, story time, competitions and mini lessons to help support your learning at home.

Panda Class Home Learning – Floor Book


The home learning floor book is a place where you can record all of the exciting things you have been up to during your time off of school.


To give you an idea, our class floor book in school combines pictures of the children/activities we have been doing, the children’s voices (comments they have made about the activity) and evidence of what the children have been up to. Your own floor book can be as creative as you like and doesn’t necessarily require lots of adult input. We don’t want the floor book to become an onerous activity but more a celebration of your time at home, filled with things your child would like to share.


Here are some examples of pages from our class book: