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Whole School Topic: Sir Ernest Shakleton

Whole School Topic: Sir Ernest Shakleton 1

Hotter's Challenge!

Hotter's Challenge! 1

New Whole School Topic! Influential People: Leonardo Da Vinci

New Whole School Topic! Influential People: Leonardo Da Vinci 1

Hotter's Challenge!

Hotter's Challenge! 1


Phoebe has been enjoying being a travel agent at home, she set up her laptop and even dressed up! She looked very professional! She thinks Hotter was going to go to Spain. She made him a passport as well, which he loved! He also loved his holiday outfits, a very spoilt otter! Well done Phoebe!

Hotter's Challenge!

Hotter's Challenge! 1

Whole School Topic Week 4

Whole School Topic Week 4 1


Alex 1
Alex thinks Hotter has been to Mexico! Look at this beautiful learning! Is Alex right?


Annabel  1
Annabel thinks Hotter went to Hawaii! He will eat lots of ice-cream and swim in the sea! She also coloured in a Hawaiian shirt and told me that she has learnt to play Scrabble! Well done Annabel! I wonder if you are right? 

Term 6

Term 6 1

Welcome to Term 6 Otters!


I hope you had a lovely half term and enjoyed the weather! The weather isn't too happy today, so I'm sending you some sunshine to make you smile. I am in school every day now so apologises for any delay in responding to emails.


I have uploaded the next 'Whole School Topic' pack for the next week which is 'Week 3' as well as the White Rose Maths worksheets. I have also set you a 'Hotter's Challenge' which you can do instead of the Whole School Topic if you prefer. This will last for a week and then he is going to set you another challenge!  He would love to see your learning and put some more on the class page so that everyone can see what you've been up to.


I hope you're all being kind to yourselves and to your families. As lockdown carries on I know it must be a bit frustrating but remember that I'm here for you all, I'm thinking about you always and can't wait to see you! Everyone is doing the best they can and being as positive as possible. Keep sparkling Otters! You are amazing!


Miss Gates and Hotter :) x

Hotter's Challenge Number 1!

Hotter's Challenge Number 1! 1

Saving Our Planet: Week 3

Saving Our Planet: Week 3 1

Saving Our Planet Week 2

Saving Our Planet Week 2 1

Class Zoom Meeting

Class Zoom Meeting 1

You will have been sent some information about a class zoom meeting to give the children an opportunity to see their friends. Please email me by Wednesday 20th May to confirm you have read the conditions and protocols and your attendance.


We can't wait to see you :) 


Miss Gates, Hotter and Mrs Michaelis xx

Maths: Week 5

Please find the White Rose resources for Week 5 below. 

Saving Our Planet: Week 1

Saving Our Planet: Week 1 1

The whole school are all going to be having the same challenges all about 'Saving our Planet' So if you have a brother or sister in another year group, then you will be able to work on some of these challenges together. There will be new challenges each week so keep your eyes peeled! The aim if to complete at least 3 challenges, along with your English and Maths jobs (reading daily, spellings, TTR, White Rose lessons) I can't wait to see you're amazing learning.

As always, I am always here to support and I am only an email away! 


Hope you are all still smiling! Sending you a BIG Hotter hug! :) 


Miss Gates x

Maths- Week 4

So White Rose is not a free resource any more but luckily we have a subscription! The videos are still available online:


I have then put links to the worksheets that are needed underneath for this week. We are currently on 'Summer Term- Week 4' 


Enjoy! :) 

Happy Star Wars Day!

Happy Star Wars Day!  1

Alex and Maya Skywalker are celebrating May the 4th today! This is absolutely brilliant! 


May the Fourth be with you! :) 

Whatever Next!

Whatever Next! 1
Whatever Next! 2
Whatever Next! 3
The boys have been on their adventure to the moon! They made cakes and took their teddies with them. It looks like they had a great time :)


Megan 1
Look at Megan's amazing meal plan! She has worked really hard on it, I wonder whether you can spot anything extra special about this piece of work that made me smile? :) 



Hotter is absolutely loving seeing all your amazing learning on 'Space'. Whatever Next! is one of his favourite stories because as you know, he doesn't like having a bath just like Baby Bear! I think he would definitely prefer to go on an adventure to the moon instead. We have spent some time making his space suit, which wasn't easy because of his tail! Have you made a space suit for one of your teddies yet? It isn't as easy as it looks is it? I would love to show Hotter some pictures of your teddies in their space suits. 

We hope you are all ok and still smiling. Remember we miss you too and we are always here for you! 


Miss Gates and Hotter x

Have you entered the Art Competition yet?

Have you entered the Art Competition yet? 1
Have you entered the school competition yet? You still have time, entries need to be in by 8th May! Here is mine, pink, rainbows, glitter and was the perfect activity for me :) 

Look out for Miss Gates!

Look out for Miss Gates!  1
Look out for Miss Gates!  2

On Tuesday 5th May, I will be bringing Space Hotter on another drive around the village to see your faces. I will be leaving school at 12 o'clock so will be with you soon after. I will drive to the same streets as last time, but if I didn't see you last time, please send me your street and I will find it. 

As it is 'Star Wars Day' the day before (May the 4th) I would love it if you could create a picture of a Star Wars character from just 2D shapes! I've added a picture of one from last year. I can't wait to see them :) Please can you spread the word as and when you see this, thank you! 


May the force be with you! :) See you Tuesday! 


Miss Gates and Hotter x

Felix has been busy looking at World Earth Day as it was the 50th anniversary on the 22nd April. Mummy and Felix have enjoyed their nature walks, finding bluebells and some Earth Day colouring. Well done guys! 

As you can see Flash the cat even joining in with the learning :) Felix was even lucky enough to see Alex last week and have a chat from a safe distance! I think they both enjoyed this. 

Albie has been super helpful at home both in the garden and cooking! He has found some beautiful bluebells and discussed with Mummy his 'happy place', it sounds wonderful Albie. He has built a campfire from scratch ready for when the weather is better. Well done Albie! :) 


Florence 1
Florence 2
Florence 3
I think everyone will agree with me when I say that Florence's space suit is AMAZING! Well done Florence! She has been busy with her story writing, life cycles, maths and lovely walks. I love the picture of you and Hazel, made Hotter and I smile :) 


Alex 1
Alex 2

Alex has drawn a fantastic picture of me on the moon! I think you'll agree, he has got the colour of my space suit spot on! He knows I love pink! 

He has also planned a great menu for me as well. Thank you Alex :) 

Bill has been doing a 'Space' project at home, I think you'll agree his spaceship looks amazing! I also love my letter Bill, fingers crossed that you and Robin have been superstars which I know you will. I shall get thinking of a name... 'Buzz and Woody' is my first suggestion, what do you think?  


Annabel 1
Annabel 2
Annabel has written a great menu for me! She has been busy learning her times tables and was inspired to learn about volcanoes! She has also written instructions for making a smoothie... it looks delicious Annabel! :) 
Easter Fun! 
I've had some fantastic emails sharing your Easter activities. Have a look at what your friends have been up to. 


Oscar 1
Oscar has been very busy creating my food to talk to the moon. Oscar and I both love pasta so I am very excited about Sunday! Thank you Oscar, this looks delicious! Well done :) 
Elsie has had a wonderful Easter! Look at those Easter pancakes! :) She has also re-potted her seeds and also learnt how to ride her pogo stick. She found it a bit tricky to begin with but she kept going and now she is fantastic! Well done for not giving up Elsie! :) 


Kaiden 1
Kaiden 2
Kaiden has been on many hunts looking for things as well as using this as his exercise. He has been carrying on with his maths and spellings, as well as learning about the human body as we can see with his fantastic diagram! Well done Kaiden :) 
Sam has been fantastic this Easter and has been learning to tie his shoe laces! What a great skill to learn ready for when we go back to school. I'm so impressed Sam! He has also been learning all about Easter, discovered a yellow bellied newt and did some research about it and even devised a problem solving game in the garden. Well done Sam :) 

William and James

The boys had a special delivery from the Easter Bunny, finished their spaceships (which look incredible) and played some board games. I also love that they were lucky enough to use a telescope to look at the stars, what an amazing experience! Well done boys :) 


Fergus 1
Fergus 2
Fergus 3
I think you'll agree, Fergus' Easter looks fantastic! Baking, camping, BBQs and egg hunts. He even had time for some spellings and reading too! Well done Fergus! :) 
Anastasia has been busy throughout Easter, keeping up with her learning! Look at her beautiful work. Wow! I love the certificate as well. Well done Anastasia :) You superstar!

Thank you!

Thank you! 1

Oh Otters, I absolutely LOVED seeing your faces on Friday along with all the 'dress up Friday' costumes, home haircuts, special outfits and special banners. It really did make Hotter and I smile :) I hope it reminded you all that I am still here, I still care about all of you and I can't wait until we are back in our classroom making more memories together (just make sure those wobbly teeth are all out by then please!) 

I will be having another drive round next week so look out for a date and time. Keep being amazing, keep smiling and remember we are missing you too! 


Miss Gates and Hotter x 

Miss Griggs' Joke of the Week


How can you make a tissue dance?

Put a little boogie in it!



Picture 1

Hotter's Easter

Hotter's Easter 1
Hotter's Easter 2
Hotter was a very good boy Easter! He was very lucky that the Easter Bunny was able to deliver his eggs, but he did have to find them in the garden first. He then helped me lay the table for a special Easter dinner and we had Easter crackers. Hotter loved his Easter! How was yours? Email me what you got up to over Easter. How many challenges did you complete?

Miss Gates' Happy Place!

Miss Gates' Happy Place! 1
I know sometimes our situation can be hard but if you can find some happiness in every day then it will make it easier. This is a picture of the field opposite my house, every time I see it I just think WOW! This is where I do my daily walk and it definitely makes me smile, yellow is such a happy colour isn't it! Where is your happy place? Is it inside or outside? Do you share your happy place with someone else in your family? I would love to see your happy places, please send me some pictures! :) Let's make the other Otters smile too. 

Hi Otters!


Welcome to what would have been Term 5! I hope you have all enjoyed your time at home and that the Easter Bunny managed to bring you some special treats. I can't wait to see what you've all been up to so please use our class email address to send me some pictures so I can upload them on here and you can see what all your friends have been up to.


I have uploaded our next home learning pack below with lots of exciting activities to be getting on with. As always, I am available for any support via our class email address.


Can't wait to see you all :)


Miss Gates x

Drive around Aldington!

Drive around Aldington! 1

Tomorrow (Friday 17th), all being well, I am going to be driving around Aldington to wave to all the Otters who have already sent me their street. I will be leaving school at 1 o'clock so will be with you as soon as I can afterwards. Please can you spread the word to anyone in Otters who would like to wave to me from their front door or their windows. Look out for a purple car and Hotter!


Can't wait to see your faces :)


Miss Gates x

Home Learning Pack 2

Home Learning Pack 2 1
Picture 1

Decorated Eggs

Decorated Eggs  1
Decorated Eggs  2
Decorated Eggs  3
Decorated Eggs  4

Easter Challenge EGGstraveganza!

Easter Challenge EGGstraveganza! 1

Well Otters, this Easter break is going to be slightly different than usual but Mrs Gadd and I put our thinking caps on to give you some EGGcellent challenges over the break. 

How many of these challenges can you complete? Can you do any of them with your family?

Ask your adults at home to take lots of pictures of you completing these challenges and most importantly making fantastic memories and send them to me:


I won't be responding to emails over the Easter break but I can't wait to see what you get up to!


Keep safe, keep being kind to one another and most importantly... keep sparkling!


Miss Gates x 

Thank you! :)

Thank you! :)  1
Thank you! :)  2

Look at this fluffy, clean otter! :) 


Thank you Otters for all your letters to encourage Hotter to have a bath, I think you'll agree, he looks a lot better. He smells a lot better too... Happy Hotter and Happy Miss Gates! 


You guys are the best! 


Miss Gates x

Decorated Eggs

Decorated Eggs  1

So tomorrow would have been our decorated egg competition at school. I would still love to see some bright, colourful, funny eggs to make us all smile so get your thinking caps on and your paint brushes out! I would like to post all the designs at the end of the week to make everyone smile too so email any pictures over please, that would be EGGcellent! 


Miss Gates x


Help! 1
Help! 2
Help! 3
Help! 4
Help! 5

Otters I need your help! 

Hotter is refusing to have a bath (the washing machine), he says because we have been inside a lot that he doesn't need a bath. He definitely does! I have tried to encourage him, I even got his towel for him but he just threw it on the floor! Can you believe that? He is being very cheeky! Please can you help me, I know he will listen to you. Please can you write a letter to Hotter persuading him to have a bath? Ask your adults to send a picture of your letter to me and fingers crossed I won't have to live with a smelly otter for much longer!


Thank you :) 


Miss Gates x

Look out for Miss Gates!

Look out for Miss Gates! 1

On Monday at half past 9, I will be having a drive through the village to see how many Otters I can see! If you would like to wave from your front door or from the window, I would love to see your faces! I don't know Aldington too well so if you would like to wave to me then email me your street name and I will make sure I find out where it is. I will leave the school at half past 9 so will see you shortly afterwards.


Miss Gates x 

For more details, visit our YouTube channel:

Or see more details below!

Competition Details

Learning from Week 1:

A reminder:

A reminder: 1

A message to all the adults at home as well as the Otters.


We are getting close to being a week at home and into our new routine and I know that some of us might be finding this a bit tricky. We are missing our routine, our teachers, our friends, things just being normal so I just wanted to remind you all what a fantastic job you are all doing, Otters and adults! Please don't forget how amazing you are and remember to take time to make some memories as well :) We are all doing the best we can given the situation we are in so just take a moment to remind yourself that you are doing a great job!


Miss Gates x


Miss Griggs' Joke of the Week:


What did the ocean say to the pirate?


Nothing... it just waved!



Picture 1

The Fuller Boys

The boys have been enjoying their learning this week. I love that they have been playing board games with each other, there's lots of things we can learn from playing board games. Well done boys! They've also been doing one of my favourite things... reading... in jamas, in bed :) perfect! 

Albie's Learning

Albie had a very busy week last week! He painted his rainbow and placed it in the window to remind his friends he still cares about them. He did PE with Joe Wicks, cooking in the kitchen and explored his back garden! What a great week Albie! He also had time to make me a picture! Otter know that I do love a picture :) 


Well done Albie! 

Anastasia's Learning

Anastasia's Learning  1
Anastasia's Learning  2
Anastasia's Learning  3
Anastasia has been very busy! She has been drawing around Daddy with chalk, performing dance shows and even created a tuck shop with Daddy. Well done Anastasia... and Daddy! :) 

Florence's Learning

Florence's Learning  1
Florence's Learning  2
Florence has been busy this week making chocolate brownies and making a den for her teddies, what a lovely idea! Do you think you could make a den for your teddies?

Kaiden's Learning

Kaiden's Learning  1
Kaiden has been very busy writing diary entries while he has been at home. He is really enjoying playtime with his brothers and sisters :) Well done Kaiden!

Bill and Robyn's Learning

Bill and Robyn's Learning 1
Bill and Robyn's Learning 2
Mummy has been very impressed with Bill and Robyn's hard work... the dog even joined in! Well done boys! :)

Aldington Rainbows

Aldington Rainbows 1
I have seen some absolutely beautiful rainbows that have been sent to me to remind our friends that we care and we love them :)

Felix's Baking!

Felix has been super busy with Mummy making delicious flapjacks for the Aldington Community! Well done Felix! :)

Alex's beautiful picture of spring

Alex's beautiful picture of spring 1
I absolutely loved this being sent to me on Monday! Great job Alex!

Tuesday 24th March


Thank you to those of you who have already emailed over some of your fantastic messages and learning. I hope you all enjoyed your first day of learning at home, I can't wait to see more of what you have been up to. 


As you know, I sent home your Inspire 2C book on Friday, this included 'money' and 'time' which we have looked at this term already so hopefully you're showing off your amazing skills with your adults at home. 


As always, any questions please don't hesitate to email me:


Just a little note to say thank you to all of you for all the love, support and kindness that you have shown to all of us, I cannot tell you how much it means to us! 


Happy Tuesday :) 


Miss Gates x


PE  1
Well done for those of you who completed the first Joe Wicks PE session yesterday. Did you do it again today? How did you find it? 

Aldington Youtube Channel!


We are excited to announce that Aldington Primary School now has its own Youtube channel! Teachers will be uploading videos during our time apart with extra activities, story time, competitions and mini lessons to help support your learning at home.

Hi Otters!


This is your page for all your home learning ideas! I've sent home some resources too to keep you going. Please use the class email address to send through your work when you have completed it, whether this is a picture or the work scanned in and I will reply to you. Also if you need any additional support with anything, please email as well and I will do my best :)

I have your log-in information so if you have misplaced yours, send me an email and I will send you your log-ins.


Hotter is coming home with me so he can see all the amazing learning you've been doing.


Remember how amazing you all are and keep sparkling!


Miss Gates


Otter Class Home Learning

Otter Class Home Learning  1

Find the Charanga Music World here: