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Frozen - Comprehension through song.

Follow the link below and scroll down to the Frozen YouTube link.  Listen to the song and discuss the comprehension questions with your child.  Some of the questions may be a little tricky (for example, we haven't looked at the words metaphor or simile yet) so see how you go and have fun!

Next, follow the link to the interactive quiz to test your listening skills...


Disney's Frozen "Let It Go" (song) - English ESL video lesson (

Have a go at completing the following work sheets.


heartThe first asks you to think about the lyrics in the song, "The wind is howling".  Why do you think they use the word howling when describing the sound of the wind?  What else makes a howling sound?


Draw a picture of the wind howling around the mountains and write a sentence or two to answer the above questions.


heartThe second worksheet shows the characters in action.  A verb is a word to describe an action.  Can you write a sentence to describe each picture?  For example...Elsa and Anna are hugging.  Underline the verbs that you have used.