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Q. Should my child bring a bag into school?

A. No - your child will only need to bring in their coat, a labelled drink bottle and a packed-lunch (if they are not having a school dinner). 


Q. Does my child need a pencil case?

A. Each child will be provided with everything they will need.  Each child has their own plastic wallet with writing pencil, coloured pencils, white-board and pen for their own personal use.  Your child will have their own tray in which they will store their plastic wallet.


Q. Will there be homework set this term?

A. Yes, a homework grid will be sent out and also displayed on the website.  Please complete at least one piece of homework from each section (English, Maths and Topic) per term. Please check the date in which the homework is due in.


Q. How do I contact the teacher?

A. As we have the rolling drop off and pick up at the beginning and end of the day, face to face contact will be difficult.  If you would like me to contact you, please do email the school office and I will call you back as soon as I can.  Office email is:


Q. Does my child need to wear their PE kit and Forest School clothes to school?

A. Yes please! Children will wear their PE kits and Forest School clothes to school on the days they have them so they do not need to change at school. Please check the days in which your child has PE of Forest School.