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w/b 19.10.20

Monday - The more than monkey pdf.

Tuesday - Popping bubbles pdf.

Wednesday - One more, one less counting activity.

Thursday - Building bricks, one more on less.

Friday - Choose an activity from the home learning sheet.

w/b 12.10.20

Monday - Time of the day chart. At different parts of the day, can you child move the arrow to the correct time?

Tuesday - Sequencing parts of the day. Can your child sequence some of the events they would do in school?

Wednesday - Jam sandwich sequencing. Can your child help to make a sandwich for lunch? It doesn't have to be jam, you could create your own pictures. Why don't you use real photos of your child making the sandwich?

Thursday - Choose one of the activities from the 'First, next, last' activity sheets.

Friday - Choose one of the activities from the 'First, next, last' activity sheets.

w/b 5.10.20

Monday - Numberblocks high 5 activity 

Tuesday - Number matching caterpillar 1-5

Wednesday - Number matching 1-5 Numicon shapes

Thursday - Number tracing 1-5

Friday - Number 1 and 2 sorting - Sort the pictures/numbers into two groups

w/b 28.9.20

Monday - Watch the Number Blocks, number 4 video on YouTube. Which animals have 4 legs?

Tuesday - All about the number 4 worksheet

Wednesday - Watch the Number Blocks, number 5 video on YouTube. Can you find 5 objects around your house or clap/jump/hop 5 times?

Thursday - All about the number 5 worksheet

Friday - Sing the Five Little Ducks song and use the counters/frame to help.

w/b 21.9.20

Monday - All about Number 2

Tuesday - Number 2 Odd One Out

Wednesday - I spy the number 3

Thursday - How many 1, 2, 3

Friday - 1, 2 and 3 Maths sorting activity