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Final week of term - w/b 14.12.20

Monday - Positional Language cards. Can your child use a teddy bear (or another object) and place it where you say using the positional language cards e.g. in the box, on the table, under the table etc.


Tuesday - Christmas colour by numbers - choose one of the sheets to do (or more if your child wants to!)


Wednesday - Counting up to 10 sheet.


Thursday - Christmas addition.


w/b 7.12.20

Monday - How many star jumps can you do in 10 seconds? How many star jumps can one of your family members do in 10 seconds? Who can do the most/least?


Tuesday - How many items can you move from one place to another in 5 seconds? In class, we are going to be using plastic ball pit balls, at home you can use any item you are able to. Larger items might be easier but you could use this as a challenge activity, are smaller or larger items easier?


Wednesday - Day and night sorting activity cards. Which activities do we do in the day, which do we do at night?


Thursday - In Panda Class, we have been learning about owls and nocturnal animals. Can you learn about nocturnal animals using the PDF?


Friday - Sort the nocturnal animals into day and night animals.

w/b 23.11.20

Monday - Number shape addition within 5. Use the number shape addition sheets.


Tuesday - Create your own addition number sentences. You could use numbers or physical items to add within 5.


Wednesday - Addition to 5 number bricks challenge cards. If you haven't got Lego bricks, you could use other physical items. Create groups instead of towers.


Thursday - Number writing activities.


Friday - Choose one of the activities from the number bonds to 5 activity sheet.

w/b 9.11.20

Tuesday - Use the Five Frame and Five Frame Counters to explore numbers 1-5.

Wednesday - Exploring numbers 1-3 challenge chilli cards.

Thursday - Representing numbers to 5 frame.

Friday - Five little monkeys number sentences.

w/b 2.11.20

Monday - Number tracing 1-5

Tuesday - Number themed 1-5 cards

Wednesday - Can you go on a nature hunt in your garden or a hunt around your house to create your own number cards for 1-5?

Thursday - 1 to 5 maths sorts activity

Friday - Counting to 5 number sheet

w/b 19.10.20

Monday - The more than monkey pdf.

Tuesday - Popping bubbles pdf.

Wednesday - One more, one less counting activity.

Thursday - Building bricks, one more on less.

Friday - Choose an activity from the home learning sheet.

w/b 12.10.20

Monday - Time of the day chart. At different parts of the day, can you child move the arrow to the correct time?

Tuesday - Sequencing parts of the day. Can your child sequence some of the events they would do in school?

Wednesday - Jam sandwich sequencing. Can your child help to make a sandwich for lunch? It doesn't have to be jam, you could create your own pictures. Why don't you use real photos of your child making the sandwich?

Thursday - Choose one of the activities from the 'First, next, last' activity sheets.

Friday - Choose one of the activities from the 'First, next, last' activity sheets.

w/b 5.10.20

Monday - Numberblocks high 5 activity 

Tuesday - Number matching caterpillar 1-5

Wednesday - Number matching 1-5 Numicon shapes

Thursday - Number tracing 1-5

Friday - Number 1 and 2 sorting - Sort the pictures/numbers into two groups

w/b 28.9.20

Monday - Watch the Number Blocks, number 4 video on YouTube. Which animals have 4 legs?

Tuesday - All about the number 4 worksheet

Wednesday - Watch the Number Blocks, number 5 video on YouTube. Can you find 5 objects around your house or clap/jump/hop 5 times?

Thursday - All about the number 5 worksheet

Friday - Sing the Five Little Ducks song and use the counters/frame to help.

w/b 21.9.20

Monday - All about Number 2

Tuesday - Number 2 Odd One Out

Wednesday - I spy the number 3

Thursday - How many 1, 2, 3

Friday - 1, 2 and 3 Maths sorting activity