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Up, Up and Away!

Great news!  Three out of the four chrysalises have emerged as butterflies.  One is still pupating. They are so beautiful.  The butterflies are called Painted ladies. It took a while to coax them out but once out they flew away to start their new lives there was no stopping them.  Who can tell Echo about the life-cycle of a butterfly?  What did the butterfly start off as and what stages of development did it go through?


Caterpillar News...

So, BIG news! The caterpillars are now three weeks old and have all changed into chrysalises.  One by one they attached themselves to the roof of the pot and formed an l shape.  Before long their bodies had hardened into a chrysalis.  One fell onto the ground so we scooped it up carefully and placed it onto a piece of kitchen roll.  One caterpillar was a couple of days later to develop than the others, so it too is laying on kitchen roll.  I wonder how long it will be until their full transformation?

Bean Update...

Well, Echo has been looking after the bean plant and watering it most days as the weather has been warmer.  It hasn't grown in height but Echo has noticed that is has been growing from the bottom.  Another stem has started to grow from the bottom.  I wonder if this is because the original stem was snapped off?  How is your bean plant growing?

Making Wishes


Did you try putting dandelions in a cup of water?  Look at what happened with Echo's dandelions!  These feathery seeds will normally be blown in the wind where they will land and grow into a new plant.  I bet you've picked them yourself and made a wish before blowing the seeds into the air and watching them gently float away.

Here is a lovely story about dandelions for you to listen to...

VERY hungry caterpillars!

The caterpillars are now only 2 weeks old and are literally growing by the hour.  They are also much, much more active and it is easier to see their body parts (head, thorax and abdomen).  Did you know that caterpillars are insects?  I wonder how many more days until they undergo the next stage of their life cycle?


Echo has been helping to look after Mrs Gadd's bean plant.  It grew so big that it was transferred into a bigger pot.  It is now 39 cm tall.  How tall is yours?  It should have been bigger but unfortunately the top broke off when it was watered...oops!


Echo and Mrs Gadd have been experimenting with dandelions.  They wrote a secret message using the sap from the end of the flower.  When the sap dries, the message will magically appear.  Why don't you have a go at writing a secret message?

Make a Wish


We have been seeing what happens when you leave a dandelion in a cup of water.  You have to be patient and wait for a few days but the results are amazing!  Who can email us to let us know what you have found out?

Dolphin Class have some little visitors! 

(and they are very hungry!)


Can you see who has come to visit?  Keep visiting the website to see how things are changing and developing.  You could keep a diary to tell us about the changes that you see.