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Term 6, Week 6




ABBA and The Beatles

Term 6, Week 5


Term 6, Week 4


Term 6, Week 3


Term 6, Week 2



Term 6, Week 1



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A message from Miss Jackson


We have now reached the end of Term 5. What a crazy term it has been and one that I know, has not been the easiest for so many of you. I'd like to start by saying a big thank you for emailing in to share what your children have been up to. It has been so lovely to see and hear about their activities. I appreciate it is another thing to think about during this 'home learning' period but it does help us all to feel connected. Thank you again for allowing your children to participate in our Zoom meeting. I know this wasn't feasible for everyone but hopefully the videos we have uploaded have helped your children to feel more connected to us and the school.


As we go forward to Term 6, I know many of you have got some difficult decisions to make. Whatever decision you come to, we know this won't have been easy but please know we are still here to support you both in and out of school.


As a school, we have shared how we plan to re-open as safely as we possibly can for everyone involved; following the guidance from the government and KCC. I know it is a really uncertain time for everyone, as we enter further unprecedented times but please know, that the well-being and safety of everyone is at the heart of everything we are doing.


Over the next two weeks, please take some time to relax, have fun and look after yourselves. Take a break from the home learning way of life and try to treat it like a normal half term (as safely as you possibly can!) If you would like to continue with some form of structure, we are a week behind with our White Rose Maths, so you could do: Summer Term - Week 5 (w/c 18th May) all about Superworm.


Keep smiling and hopefully we will have some sunshine to enjoy!


Miss Jackson 

Term 5, Saving Our Planet, Week 2




Term 5, Saving Our Planet, Week 1



As a school, we have decided to implement a whole school topic. Instead of each class having their own curriculum question and topic based learning, the whole school will be learning about the same thing.


Our whole school topic is going to be:

Saving our Planet!


All of the class teachers have worked together to create a weekly plan of activities (across all of the National Curriculum subjects.) We have tried to make the ideas as broad as possible so that children from Panda Class all the way up to Eagle Class can access learning at an age appropriate level.


I am still going to create a document outlining 3 activities that you can do each day. Some of the areas on the whole school weekly map might be a little too much for younger children and therefore I will provide some alternatives.


You may find that one subject area really interests you as a family so you create a project just around that area - that is absolutely fine! If you have more than one child that attends Aldington, we hope that by having a whole school topic, the children can work together to create a shared outcome. With that being said, if your children want to focus on different areas, that is fine.

Please use the weekly guide as a guide only and have fun with it!

Term 5, week 3



Term 5, week 2



Term 5, week 1


Term 5, first few days


Term 5





We are now in the Easter holidays and although it may feel different to a 'normal' break from school it is important that you all have a chance to enjoy some less structured time together. 


I don't know how the last two weeks have been for all of you. You may have settled into your new routines quickly, which is great but for some of you, it may have been difficult to find some balance between working life and home learning. I appreciate that although it is the Easter holidays for the children, some of you might still be working and therefore I will provide some activities the children will be able to do relatively independently (for short periods of time.) Whether you are working on not, please make sure you take the next couple of weeks to reset and if home learning hasn't quite gone to plan (and that is okay), try to find a routine that works for you.


Below, you will see some Easter Bingo activities for you to have a go at. They are some fun activities to enjoy together over the break. Some of them may even entertain the children/your child long enough for you to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee by yourself! 


However you choose to spend your time over the Easter holidays, please stay safe, eat a lot of chocolate and explore your house/garden (if you are lucky enough to have one) in a new way!


Happy Easter!

Week 2 of home learning


Week 1 of home learning