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Events and Activities


We had a brilliant year last year participating in lots of different competitions. Please let Miss Jackson know if you would be interested in entering any of the upcoming competitions this year.



Previous Events:


Infant Agility


On Tuesday 6th February, 10 children from Year 1 and 2 attended a competition at the Towers School in Ashford. They participated in agility activities such as the launcher, speed bounce, skipping with a hoop and balancing on one leg. There were 15 schools in total and Aldington came in 7th place! Well done to all of the children who participated and thank you to Mrs Rawling for helping during the competition.






On Tuesday 30th January, 6 children from Year 3 and 4 took part in a Boccia competition at the North School. The children start with 6 balls and have to try and get their balls closest to the jack which has been thrown. If they are not the closest, they have to keep throwing until they are or they have run out of balls. The team with a higher number of balls closest to the jack win. 


Aldington came in 11th place and the children had a brilliant time. Thank you to Mrs Bostock for accompanying the children throughout the event and for giving up her time to be there.





On Tuesday 16th January, 6 children from Year 6 participated in a Basketball competition at the North School. There were 12 schools in total and these schools were split into 2 groups. Aldington was in Group A.


We played in the very first game of the evening and scored one basket. The final score for the first game was 1:0 to Aldington. In the two following games we played well and managed to keep the oppositions scores down to just two and three baskets. In our fourth game we drew 0:0.


Following the first round, Aldington came in 4th position. We then had to play the team who came in the same position in Group B. Within the 5 minutes Aldington managed to score 2 baskets resulting in the final score being 2:0 to Aldington. This meant we came in 7th position overall.


The children played extremely well as a team and despite losing a couple of the games, they pulled it back and did not give up. Their perseverance was brilliant to see. Well done Aldington!


Thank you to the parents who dropped off, picked up and stayed throughout. 



Sport's Morning


On Wednesday 20th December, children from Year R to Year 6 participated in a morning of sport. We split into our 4 houses and the house captains (plus some very helpful Year 6 children) led the activities the children attempted. 


The activities the children participated in were:


'Balancer' - KS1,the children had to see if they could balance on one leg for 30 seconds.

                  KS2, the children had to balance on a 'balancer' for a set amount of time.


Throwing - The children had to accurately throw beanbags into the hoops. They won a

                  point for every beanbag they go into the hoops.


Skipping - KS1, the children had to use the hoops to skip.

                 KS2, the children use the skipping ropes.


Speed stacking - the children were given the opportunity to see if they could complete the



Sportshall Athletics


On Thursday 23rd November, 16 children from Year 5 and Year 6 boarded a coach heading for the Stour Centre. The children participated in jumping, running and throwing activities as part of an indoor athletics competition.


We had particular success in the standing long jump and 2 + 2 lap relay.


Thank you to Miss Perkins and Miss Hareshe for accompanying us during the event and to Mrs Snare for supporting us throughout.




On Wednesday 8th November, a group of Year 6 children went to the North School to compete in a Volleyball competition. 


In the week leading up to the event, we practised every lunch time working on our serves and our passing. The more we practised the better we worked together as a Volleyball team.


We came in 4th place overall and were very proud of ourselves! Thank you to Mrs Milward for coming along to help us.


Cross Country


On Thursday 21st September, 7, year 3 and 4 boys and girls went to Godinton House in Ashford to compete in a Cross Country event.


The race began with a gentle climb before levelling off around the trees. Then the children had to run down towards the finish line. Luckily, on the incline, the wind was behind them!


Every child who participated from Aldington tried their very hardest and had a brilliant time. Thank you for those of you that came along and to our brilliant supporters.



                       Year 3 girls                      Year 3 boys                    Year 4 boys