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w/b 19.10.20

Monday - The 'p' sound - Watch and find objects around the house that start with 'p' (e.g. pencil, pen, pepper etc.)

Tuesday - Decorate the letter - 'p' sheet.

Wednesday - The 'i' sound - Watch then decorate the letter - 'i' sheet.

Thursday - The 'n' sound - Watch then decorate the letter - 'n' sheet.

Friday - SATPIN sorting cutting skills.

w/b 12.10.20

This week, we are going to start learning our initial sounds in Phonics. 

We are going to be focusing on s, a, t.

When teaching phonics, it is important to produce pure sounds. Please don't add an 'ugh' onto the end of each word e.g. 'ssssss' becomes 's-ugh'.


Monday - Watch then read the 'Initial sound -s story'. Read the story with your child, can they make the 's' sound. 

Tuesday - Play the snake initial sound game.

Wednesday - Watch and then use the 'a' SATPIN activity sheet.

Thursday - Watch and then use the 't' SATPIN activity sheet.

Friday - Play the 's' production snake game. Can you also spot the 'a' and 't' sounds in the game?

w/b 5.10.20

Use the document below to play different listening games.


One at a time, say each instruction. See if your child can do what you have asked. If they manage one instruction fine, try giving them two instructions at once, can they do both instructions?

Listen and Do 1

Listen and Do 2

Listen and Do 3


What am I guessing animal card - see if your child can guess the animal from listening to the description. 

w/b 28.9.20

Use the document below to play different rhyming games.


  • Odd one out rhyming cards - Look at the three cards in a horizontal line. Which of the three pictures doesn't rhyme? E.g. yo-yo, jam, ham. Yo-yo doesn't rhyme.
  • Rhyming words matching - Draw a line to join up the matching rhyming pictures.
  • Rhyming words cut and paste - Cut out the picture and stick it next to the one that rhymes.
  • Rhyming spells booklet & cards - Can you find the rhyming word to finish the spell?


w/b 21.9.20

Use the document below to play a game of 'Silly Soup Rhyming'. At the start of the week use one set of cards and add them to the soup as you sing. By the end of the week, try to use two or more sets and add only the cards which rhyme!