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You are all home learning heroes! laugh

We are so proud of you and wanted to share all your achievements.heart


Wow! - look at Emily's bean plant.  I wonder what the flowers will become? heart
Carter has been busy celebrating VE day with his family by making more colourful bunting and eating a very yummy picnic.  He has been using his Thomas trains to help him with his maths and has been studying tadpoles. smiley
Edward and his family have been celebrating VE Day.  Look at Edwards colourful bunting! laugh
Yeala and Fred have been very busy designing and making a new animal.  Meet the hippocrocadillapig! laugh
Ella has been busy painting seascapes, exploring with different art techniques and making mud-pies by watching the tutorial on the Aldington Primary School YouTube channel. heart
Carter has had fun with his 'Lost and Found' activities.  Has anyone found his lost Yoshi? smiley
Maya has been looking after others - making bird feeders for her feathery garden visitors and writing letters to  put a smile on friend's faces. heart
Scarlett has been finding out all about penguins.  She has also enjoyed helping her brother Henry make a bug hotel.  I wonder if anything has moved in yet? heart
Lost!  Look out for Seb's lost penguin! Find out more from his poster...laugh
We loved Georgina's penguin painted stones! heart
Emily enjoyed learning lots of interesting facts about penguins.laugh
Esmee has been on many exciting adventures with her jet pack! heart
Edward has been having so much fun learning lots of new skills! smiley
Look at Carter's super work!  We love his LEGO penguin from the story Lost and Found.heart
Jack has also been enjoying the Lost and Found story  - look at his fantastic models! laugh
Poppy made her penguin body out of a home-made pompom.  Here she shows you how. heart
Help - Lola has lost her elephant teddy!  We love her drawing and description.heart
Jesse-Jon's bean plant has really grown.  How tall is yours? smiley
We all know how much Teddy loves maths - look at his amazing efforts laugh
Look at how big Ella's bean plant is.  It's even bigger than her smile! laugh
Here is Emily's bean plant in the new pot.  Emily has also been busy practicing her handwriting.  Isn't it beautiful heart
Robin has been having lots of fun at home, going on bike rides with Bill.  He designed his own butterfly and wrote about it smiley
Here are Ruby and Ella having lots of fun at home.heart
Lilah has been having fun going for walks with her family and enjoying the lovely weather.  She's been working hard practicing her handwriting and enjoying maths as well. heart
Seb has been busy at home learning all about trees and having lots of fun practicing his phonics!laugh
Congratulations to Georgina for winning the Panda/Dolphin/Otter story competition.  Here is her fantastic story for you to read.  The next school competition is to get creative with toilet rolls. Georgina has been having lots of fun at home, building dens and baking.heart
Erin has been busy learning new skills like playing the keyboard. smiley
Edward has been working hard practicing his writing.  Well done Edward! laugh
Eddie has been enjoying his time at home with his brothers.heart
Ashton-Ray has been busy building pirate ships with his brothers.laugh
Albie has been getting stuck in, helping around the house.  Well done Albie! laugh