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Listen to this story written by Oliver Jeffers for his son when he was born - follow the link below...

Here are some more ideas to think about:


In a quote at the back of the book, Oliver's Dad says that, "There are only three words you need to live by son: respect, consideration and tolerance."  

What do these words mean?


At the end of the book, Oliver Jeffers talks about the Earth and says, "Make sure you look after it as it's all we've got."

How can you help to look after the Earth? Make a poster to help others understand how to look after our planet.


Write a story about a group of people who began living on a different planet.  How might their lives be similar/different to people back on Earth?


Look at the illustration of the people below who are featured in the book. Choose one person and write a story about them.  You could draw them as well.


Again, look at the illustration below.  Choose two of the people shown and write a conversation between them.

National Geographic have a lovely website with some ideas for children.