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Reading books

Reading books


Term 2

Reading books will be collected on a Thursday and sent back out on a Friday this term. This allows us to change all of the books and hear some of the children read each week. Your child will read with Miss Jackson, 1:1 at least twice during the term. As well as 1:1 reading, the children will develop discrete reading skills through phonics and whole class reading lessons.


At the beginning of Term 2, children will be given one book to read each week. In Panda Class our focus is on re-reading the same book to develop fluency and then their comprehension skills. Your child will go through the following process for each book they read.


On the first read, the children will decode what they read. For most children they will not recognise all of the sounds and that is okay. They can say the sounds they recognise and then you can read the word to them. Please encourage your child to repeat the word after you, as this will build their familiarity with the new vocabulary. If your child already recognises the sounds but struggles to blend the letters together to say the word, then repeat the sounds back to them and see if they can orally blend. If not say the word and encourage them to copy you. If your child can already segment and blend aloud, then please begin to encourage them, to segment in their head.


During the second and maybe third or fourth read for some children (again this is fine), the children will begin to develop their fluency. In Pandas, fluency will be the children reading familiar words and then sentences with speed and accuracy. Even if the children don’t recognise all of the sounds in the word, they will begin to recognise words and then sentences by copying you.


After this, the children can develop their comprehension skills. Comprehension is the ability to understand, question, predict and clarify what they have read. ‘In order to understand what they read, children must be able to read fluently whether they are reading aloud or silently’ ( If you feel your children isn’t reading the book fluently then read the story to them and see if they can answer questions which start with “Who” or “What”.


Term 1

To begin with, reading books will be changed on a Friday. You will find your child’s reading book in the back of their yellow book. Please record any comments about your child’s reading in the back of this book and to let us know you have finished the book.


At the beginning of the year, the books coming home will have no words. This is intentional and will allow your child to tell stories based on the illustrations. It will also allow their comprehension skills to develop through the skills identified below.


As the children begin to learn their sounds, some of the books that come home will contain words. We do not expect your child to be able to read the whole word but please encourage them to spot their sounds and help them to blend the word together e.g. s-a-t, sat.


In class, we will focus on four key comprehension areas when reading stories. Please use them as a guide for reading at home too:


Predicting – encourage your child to predict what may happen before they read/tell the story on the next page. It doesn’t matter if they are wrong.


Questioning – encourage your child to ask questions about the story.


Clarifying – encourage your child to ask what particular words mean.


Summarising – sum up the key parts of what they have read or the story they have told.