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This week, having seen the book 'Flip Flap Safari' or 'Flip Flap Jungle', design your own animal.  Maybe the top half could be an eagle and the bottom half a penguin.  It could be called an Eaguin!  You decide which animals you are going to choose to join together and give your animal a name.  Your next job is to write some sentences about your animal.  These are clues, so that if you read them to your grown-up, they could guess which animals you have drawn - just like the clues in the book.


Once you have your new animal, it is time to draw a storyboard as next week you will be writing a story about your animal.  Your animal will meet up with another animal who is stuck (maybe in a tree or in a swamp).  How will your animal rescue the stuck animal?  Draw out your ideas in the template below.


Have fun! laugh