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What have the adults been up to in April?


Miss Jackson


I have been busy baking cookies which tasted delicious!



I even added some mini eggs to the cookie dough to make some Easter cookies!



I have spent some time in school making these rainbows with some of the children



and I've been taking my dog Dexter out for walks looking for signs of spring.



Mrs Michaelis


Look at how much Mrs Michaelis' sunflower seeds have grown! How are your sunflower seeds getting on?



Mrs Michaelis has also been busy baking. She made a coffee cake for her daughter's birthday.



Mrs Michaelis has been for lots of walk and discovered some beautiful bluebells and a hollow! Do you think there's an owl family inside?




Mrs Penfold


Mrs Penfold had been making Easter bunny pancakes and Easter bonnets .




She also held a circus drawing competition for her family. The winner was...Elsie!



Here is an update on her plants...




What have the adults been up to in March?


Mrs Michaelis 

Mrs Michaelis has been very busy getting messy with her children. They have painted Manala stones

and decorated hard boiled eggs.

Can you decorate a hard boiled egg and send us a picture of it?


They have also planted sunflower seeds.

How are you seeds doing?


Miss Jackson 

I have spent some of my time updating our class floor book. We would love to see pictures from your floor book if you can share them!




I have taken my dog out for a walk. We made sure we kept our social distance from humans!




I have also been doing some yoga. My yoga teacher sent me a video of a yoga class which I did in my living room! 


What exercises have you been doing at home?


Mrs Penfold 

Each day, I have completed Joe Wicks' PE lesson! Elsie and I have also been doing some planting. Have you planted your sunflower seed yet?



During our exercise time each day, we have been going on a walk or have ridden our bikes in the field behind our house. 



Miss Griggs 

Miss Griggs has spent some time working in school but still managed to fit in a couple of walks and some work for university!