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If you would like your child to attend our school, please see full details of our admission arrangements below.


We hold an open afternoon on Thursday 29th November 2018 from 1.30pm - 2.45pm. It is also possible to book an appointment to visit the school at other times.  Please contact the school office for an appointment. 

September 2019 Admissions

If your child was born between 1st September 2014 and 31st August 2015, he/she will be due to start school in September 2019.


Applications for children due to start Primary School in September 2019 open on 6th November 2018 and close on 15th January 2019.


You can apply for up to 3 schools, putting them in order of preference. It's in your best interests to list 3 schools. Naming only one school does not guarantee your child a place at that school or give your child priority for a place over another child, neither does naming a school more than once.


To apply for a place at a Primary School for your child for September 2019 you will need to complete a special form called a Common Application Form (RCAF form for short).


You can apply for your childs school place either online at



Please read through the Admission to Primary School Information Booklet carefully before filling in your RCAF.  This booklet is available on the Admissions website via:

1.    You will need to be very clear about which school you want as your first preference.


2.    You should complete only one Common Application Form per child.


3.    You will need to fill in the forms online by 15th January 2019 or return your completed paper copies of RCAF to Aldington Primary School.


4.    Forms received after this date will be considered as a late application (please read Admissions to Primary School Information Booklet for further advice).  If you apply online, a paper RCAF must not be submitted and vice versa.


Online applications will receive an email after 4.00pm on 16th April 2019 advising parents with an offer of a Primary School place.  Letters of notification of a place will also be sent out, including those who have applied online, from the LA on 16th April 2019.  Only parents who apply online can receive their offer of notification via email, parents who apply on paper will need to wait for their formal letter.


You will then need to inform the school in writing as to whether you will accept the place or not.  At this point, if your child is offered a place at Aldington Primary School, you will need to come into the School with proof of the address of the only or main residence of your child.  This will need to be in the form of the following documents:

a child tax and working tax credit letter (TC602),
the child's medical card or a letter from a medical centre, hospital or GP to confirm the child's residence,
a letter from the child's nursery or playgroup or
a bank statement of a savings account in the child's name AND a utility bill OR a bank or credit card statement.

These documents should not be more than three months old and preferably should show that the child was resident at the address at the time of the closing date of 15th January 2019.  We will need to see these documents for every child being admitted (even those who have siblings at the school already). If you are unable to provide the above documents, to prove your child's only or main residence, the local Authority has the right to take your child's place away.


If you have any queries about the Admissions process, please ring the School.  You can also contact the Kent Admissions Team on 01622 696565 or visit their website:


Aldington Admission Policy


Draft Admissions Policy

For your information, please find a copy of our consultation document with very minor changes to our admissions code which reflect changes requested by the DfE.


If you have any comments, please send them to