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Each week we will be updating you with a summary of are latest activities of the previous week. This is the summary of last week:


Spellings: we recapped on ie words

English: we practiced long multiplication

ICT: we started writing the content of what you’re reading right now

P.E: We practised our rounders skills


Spellings: ie and ei words

English: big write of the’ run away’ scene

Maths: we applied are times table knowledge

RE: Holy symbols

Music: We played the cornets


Spellings: ie and ei words in big lists

English: We used ellipsis effectively

Maths: Division using the bus method

Science: We recapped the sun and the moon and earth and the distances of the planets

PE: hockey a small game of hockey


Spellings: dictation practise

English: we wrote powerful dialogues

Maths: division knowledge

Science: we applied the distances between the planets

Spelling bee heats


Celebration assembly

Time’s table and dictation

English: Comprehension skills

French: To describe a journey

Art: To sketch Mayan animals



“We are the grammaristics!”

Hello there! And welcome to the fantastics column of this website that you are currently on! Over the past few weeks, we have been using small but extremely helpful puzzle piece shaped bits of paper. What are they called? They are called…THE GRAMMARISTICS! They help us with our writing and remind us of the different types of grammar. For example, dialogue is a conversation between two people. And past and present tense is sentences that show when something is from the past and when something is from the present. That is only two out of many more grammaristics. Here are the Grammaristics:

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Picture 9


The boomtastics are a great way to learn and write constructive paragraphs. The teachers say if you do two great sentences they will be happy if we have really thought about the vocabulary choices, then we can add additional ideas. They help us because we write more interesting and descriptive sentences.

Here are the boomtastics:

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Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
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French vocabulary

Here is the French section of Jaguar’s class page. Here you learn some French translations for vehicles and transports:

Car: une voiture

Plane: un avion

Skateboard: une planche a roulette

Train: un train

Scooter: une trottinette (Miss Trott jokes about this one!)

Coach: un car

Hot air balloon: une montgolfiere

Rocket: une fusee

Bicycle: un velo

Feet: les pieds

Horse: une cheval

These are only some of the many French words that we are learning at school, some are strange like this: forklift truck is chariot elevatuer!

Try to think of a new French word for one of these as a challenge!

Thanks for looking at the French section!

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Cornet playing

A cornet is an instrument that is similar to a trumpet but is slightly smaller and easier to play. We’ve been playing them every Tuesday with Mr. Driscol who plays in a brass band! Everyone also has to remember to bring their cornet on Tuesday as we bring them home to practise and do homework on a special website called ‘Music World’.


On the cornet we know several notes. They’re C, D, E, F, G, B and A. This is also the order we learnt them in. With these notes we can now play lots of songs including ‘I Wanna Play In A Band’, ‘Let Your Spirits Fly’, and ‘Cool F Blues’.

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Science with Miss Trott

In science we have been studying space with Miss Trott! Our favourite part so far is when we pretended to be planets. To do this we had to work out the distance between planets and how we could turn that into steps. Then we when chose what planet we wanted to be and from the sun on wards we ordered ourselves.

Did you know facts: Did you know that you could fit all the planets in-between the earth and the moon! Did you know the earth revolves around the sun, and the sun has a gravity pull to keep, the planets inline! We hope to do more fun thing in science with Miss Trott!

This term in P.E we have been learning about how to play hockey.

What skills have we learnt?

We have learnt how to dribble the ball, and how to pass the ball and how to shoot a goal. We have learnt to weave the ball in and out of the cones and how to properly use a hockey stick.

What games have we played?

In hockey we have played lots of games where we had to pass the ball and shoot a goal and then go in and out of cones. We all really enjoyed these games.

How to hold the stick

So if you’re left handed you put your left hand in the middle and your right hand at the top of the stick. If you’re right handed, your right hand is at the middle of the stick and your left hand at the top of the stick.

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Worry Dolls

What you will need:

Two small sticks


Two googly eyes

Hot glue gun (have an adult to help you with this bit)

First, pick two small sticks and cross them to look like a body shape.

Next, cut some wool/thread of any colour and weave it around where the sticks overlap to make the colour of the worry person’s body.

Then, get a skin tone colour to make the head and wrap it around a lot of times to make a head shape.

After that, pick two googly eyes/sticker eyes and put them on the worry dolls head.

Finally, put your worry doll under your pillow and whenever you’re worried your worry doll will take your worry away.

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What we did last week!

Welcome to the part of this website where you can see what the jaguars got up to last week! J

Last week was quite a busy week! We basically spent the ENTIRE week doing descriptive sentences. Here is an example taken from someone’s book: “The weathered face before him held faint, smoky eyes: tired eyes full of thunder and gloomy clouds. The air between them both cracked amber and glistened lustrous silver.” As well as a week full of similes and alliteration, maths needed to be in the week as well; we revisited the area topic and worked out the area of shapes that had bits missing. We also made worry dolls in forest school last week which was really fun. In science we learnt more about space and all of the planets, we learnt why all of the planets go around the sun and how the moon has 8 phases. In topic we are still learning about the Maya people and learning about their temples and where they were/still are.

A summary of English recently and how some of us feel about it:

In English we have been writing about The Nowhere Emporium. We have to make our sentences our own by using different adjectives and similes and metaphors in our writing. There are so many things that have been helping us plan and write our work. Boomtastics are helping us with our learning and helping us develop our writing to get really good. We have been using lots of different punctuation in our work recently. The fantastics help us write more about feelings and get into depth with a character.

We have started using 'The Write stuff' ideas to help us with our writing, which includes learning about The Fantastics, The Boomtastics and The Grammaristics!

In English we have been writing sentences using the FANTASTICs. These are symbols which help us to decide what type sentence will be best in our writing. Here they are:

F Feeling

A Asking

N Noticing

T Touching

A Action

S Smelling

T Tasting

I Imagining

C Checking

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
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Picture 8
Picture 9

The Nowhere Emporium:

In English this term we have been learning about the book The Nowhere Emporium. We have been using literacy strategies such as similes, metaphors, alliteration and personification. We have also been using punctuation such as; . , ; : … () – “” ! ?. We also have described the shop owner (Mr. Silver) and been using speech in our writing to bring the characters to life. We have also been writing about the main character (Daniel). We have also aimed to make our own version of some of the sentences.

We liked these ones written by our friends:

He glanced around the shop…he shuddered and hurtled out of the building. The streets still as wet as a drenched dog. Thank you Phoebe J

The emporium was a sparkling room of mystery. The light bounced off of the delicate emeralds and rubies that were put into jewellery. Thank you Kane J

We have selected some examples of sentence that we have written ourselves to show you:

Metaphors: The emporium was a black arena of abyss.

Personification: The golden eagle statue glared around the room.

Simile: The dust sat on the furniture like a blanket. Every strand of hair as shiny as the rarest diamond. The dust was as beautiful as a galaxy far far away.

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For our topic this term, we are studying the Maya people - this is a topic that Miss Farmer loves because she went to Guatemala last Easter and learnt all about them!

Maya facts that we’ve learnt so far:

  • Mayans lived mainly in Mexico and Guatemala.

  • They had a Gods including Chac, Ah Punch and Itzamn (or Zamn)

  • Like Egyptians, they had pyramids. One of the most famous is Chichen Itza, Mexico.

  • The Mayan people wore lots of colourful clothing - the patterns on the clothing would usually tell people where they are from. Their tops are called huipilas.

  • The Mayans wrote in glyphs like the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics.

Maya worry dolls:

Sometimes we combine our topic in forest school such as this week where we have been making worry dolls. In topic we have been learning about the Maya people who lived in Mexico and Guatemala. We made worry dolls out of sticks from forest school and multi coloured wool. Then we continuously wrapped white wool as its head and then we attached googly eyes to it and then drew a mouth on. People would tell the worry dolls their worries and then put them under their pillow at night as they thought it would take all the worry away from them.

Positive Action:

This term in positive action we have been learning about feelings and how to manage them. We also have a Positive Action book and a display board showing our thoughts on possessions, actions, money, time and feelings, thoughts and talents. Positive action is amazing for us and really helps us think about our actions and how we can affect other people around us and make people happier from our actions and how sometimes our actions can be wrong. By doing this we are learning how to get along as a class and make sure there are fewer disagreements. We are taking more responsibility for our own actions, which Miss Farmer is really pleased about!

How to boil water in the Kelly-kettles


First of all you take the cork out and fill the double walled water chamber with water pouring it into the hole the cork had been in.

Next you take the top off the fire base and fill the base with shavings then put the cotton wool in the Vaseline then put it in the fire base and light the wool to make the fire then put the top back on.

Then when the fire goes down keep adding water down the chimney.

When the water boils out the cork hole the water is done and boiled.

Make sure the cork is left out when you are boiling the water.

See below for a labelled diagram of the Kelly Kettle:

We have been looking at Space and have collected some new facts that we've learnt that we didn't already know:

Science facts

  1. Did you know there eight phases of the moon?

  2. Before there were space rockets, to find out that the earth was a sphere people saw that with a boat, when it was going over the horizon the bottom of the boat would disappear, whereas if the world was flat then the boat would just be getting smaller and smaller.

  3. Did you know all of the planets could fit in between the Earth and the moon? They would all have to be on different angles but they could all still fit.

  4. Mars is the second smallest planet.

  5. The planets are often named after Roman or Greek gods

  6. The first four planets are called terrestrial planets.

Here is some star work from maths. We have been doing long multiplication, We like this work because they are both neat and accurate and we can tell that they have concentrated lots during the lesson

Picture 1
Picture 2


Last week in maths we were learning about coordinates and area of shapes. We used our knowledge of going along the corridor and up the stairs (X then Y) to help us using the four quadrant grid. On Monday we even played battleships! On the subject of shape areas we recapped on the formulas of quadrilaterals (BxH) and triangles (½ BxH) and found areas of shapes that had a hole in the middle, an example is: (55X15)-(45X5) = 600mm2, an easier way to say it is we worked out 55x15 which = 825, then worked out 45x5 which = 225 and took it of 55x15 to make 600. Thanks for looking at the maths section of the Jaguar class page and see you soon!

As a class, we have decided to write some sections for the class page ourselves. We sent a questionnaire to parents and they told us what they would like to hear about. We went with the majority, then divided up the sections and got writing!


December 2016


Preparations have begun for Christmas!

We have been reading The Christmasaurus - ask the children to tell you all about it!



November 2016


We have been working hard this term already and have written some letters from soldiers, watched Operation Ouch, and learnt all about Tommy and his friends that were in the trenches. We have build mini trenches in forest school and thought about how they would've lived!


We have also chatted about the things we find different about Year 5 and shared some individual thoughts:

“The one thing I find different in Year 5 is that instead of just earning well done vouchers we also earn pebbles”. Alfie


“We have worked as a class and improved on teamwork. Loads of children have persevered with their learning even though it is hard”. Robyn


“We learn harder things and we get even smarter every day. We always have fun with everything we do”. Lewis


“English is great because we do a mixture of things not just one specific thing. Jaguar Class have loved forest school especially”. Georgie


“How to get a pebble: do something really positive!”. Luca

September 2016 

Welcome back Jaguar Class! 

We have been working hard in the last few weeks and have decided on our first class treat for when we have filled our jar of pebbles! 


We've learnt that the vikings came from afar, and were traders as well as raiders! Ask the children if you would like to read some of their fantastic poems!


Playground friend duties have been hard work but we are finding success out on the playground, sorting games for younger children and helping Miss Snare set things up. 

Tuesday 21st June


Today Jaguar Class welcomed L'Ecole Rameau to Aldington!  They were able to stay for part of the day before continuing their journey back home to France.


Here are a few pictures of our day.

Preparing for our visitors.

Preparing for our visitors. 1
Preparing for our visitors. 2
Preparing for our visitors. 3
Preparing for our visitors. 4

The Welcome!

The Welcome! 1
The Welcome! 2
The Welcome! 3
The Welcome! 4

The Grand School Tour.

The Grand School Tour. 1
The Grand School Tour. 2
The Grand School Tour. 3
The Grand School Tour. 4

Time to play!

Time to play! 1
Time to play! 2
Time to play! 3
Time to play! 4

A Game of Rounders.

A Game of Rounders. 1
A Game of Rounders. 2


Goodbye! 1
Goodbye! 2

We are now part of the Letter-join handwriting scheme and any of our pupils wishing to practice their handwriting at home can now log on to the Letter-join website on iPads and tablets as well as desktop and laptop computers.


Go to and log in using the desktop log in boxes:



Letter-join works best on browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Opera.



Go to and select the tablet log in button, log in using these details:


Swipe code: starting at the top left form the shape of a capital L

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