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Welcome to Pandas Class 2017!

This is a link to a very useful, if not a bit dull, video to help parents with phonics at home. The aim of this video is to support all parents with the correct pronunciation of all of the sounds so that the children can be well supported at home.





Friday 15th September 2017

Dear Pandas, parents and carers.

Welcome to our class home page! We will upload our class newsletter to this page every week as well as adding photographs, internet links and any other information that you may find useful throughout the year. We will also add any dates here that are important to Panda class.

Well our second week in Panda class has just flown by! And what a busy one it has been! We started on Monday with a fire drill. The children were all brilliant, listening well to the adults and lining up beautifully so well done to all of them! It can be a little bit scary as it a very loud bell but they were all brilliant.

On Tuesday, Mrs Rawling was in the class for the morning and the children enjoyed getting to know her. She will be in Panda class every other Tuesday so is someone that the children will get to know well.

On Wednesday we played a lot of listening games as well as sending time being creative in the classroom and our outside area.

On Thursday we made Gruffalo crumble. We are really lucky as at this time of year we have apples on the trees in our school orchard and they are perfect for a Gruffalo crumble. The children were brilliant at cutting as well as making the special crumble topping. The smell coming from the oven as it cooked was lovely and we all hoped that it would taste as good as it smelt.

And then it was Friday and the chance to eat the crumble! The overall opinion was that it was lovely! And we had a lot of clean bowls with some Pandas even coming back for more! We also met our buddies today which was very exciting. We shared our summer diaries with them as well as some stories before they had to go back to class. They also filled out a sheet about themselves that all of the Pandas have bought home with them today. The buddies will be helping the Pandas in the lunch hall for all of next week so that they know what they have to do.

So another week has passed and the children have all settled in really well. Next week the Pandas will be staying for lunch which is always exciting for them.

Have a great weekend and we will see you all again on Monday!

Thanking you all for your continued support.


Mrs Cannell. Mrs Gadd and Miss Taylor.

This weeks newsletter if you would like to download it.

28th April, 2017

Dear Parents, carers and Pandas,


Well another week has passed by so very quickly! It’s been very changeable this week with the weather which has meant the children not always wanting to be outside as much unless it’s raining then they all want to be jumping in the large muddy puddle that they created!

We started on Monday with forest school and some acting. The story was the legend of brave St George and how he fought the very scary dragon. The children loved acting out the story and then went on their very own dragon hunt, looking for clues as to whether dragons had ever lived in forest school.

In the afternoon we set the children the challenge of creating their own shields so they could fight dragons just like brave St George. They had some great ideas about how they were going to make them and helped each other well.

On Tuesday we started to look at compound words, which are two separate words that when you put them together they make new words. Eg. Cow + boy makes cowboy. They had lots of fun making up real and pretend words. In the afternoon we carried on with our Rainbow Challenges. How may did you do this week?

Wednesday was PE and this week we had it with Mr P. He will be taking all of our PE lessons this term, teaching us all new games and skills both inside and out. This week we were using balls and tennis rackets. Can you remember how we hold the racket? In the afternoon it was pouring with rain which could only mean lots of puddles to jump in!

On Thursday we carried on learning about compound words as well as creating an information book for the Panda cubs. It doesn’t seem possible that we are thinking about the Panda cubs visiting us already. Where has the time gone? The children used the iPads for this and created some great books. In the afternoon they used them again, though this time they were taking photos, playing games and creating yet more books. We also started on our class sewing project. Shhhh!! It’s a secret!

And then it was Friday. We spent the morning reading and writing before joining the bigger children on the playground for break-time. This again is to start getting the children used to this for when they are Dolphins.

As the year goes on, more of the children turn five and are no longer entitled to having milk in school. A lot of the children who are now five have been asking about having milk so if you would like your child to have milk in school, it can be ordered via this link.



Thanking you all for your continued support,


Mrs Cannell, Mrs Gadd and Mrs Palmer.


Family Challenge: As we have been thinking about compound words this week, why don’t you see if you can come up with some of your own. They can be ones that we looked at in class, stopwatch, butterfly or you can create your own funny ones! You can also draw pictures to go with them. Have fun and we look forward to seeing what you create this weekend! (And don’t forget, it’s a long weekend so we will see you on Tuesday!)

This week's newsletter for download.

Our George and the Dragon acting in forest school.

Our George and the Dragon acting in forest school. 1 Once in a village there lived a lovely maiden.
Our George and the Dragon acting in forest school. 2 But there was a dragon and he took her!
Our George and the Dragon acting in forest school. 3 Brave St George said he would save her.
Our George and the Dragon acting in forest school. 4 He fought the dragon.
Our George and the Dragon acting in forest school. 5 The dragon was scary.
Our George and the Dragon acting in forest school. 6 But brave St George slayed him.
Our George and the Dragon acting in forest school. 7 The maiden went back to her village.
Our George and the Dragon acting in forest school. 8 Everyone was very happy!
Our George and the Dragon acting in forest school. 9 And they all lived happily ever after!
Our George and the Dragon acting in forest school. 10 The end.

We were on the star table again this week! Yeah!!!

We were on the star table again this week! Yeah!!! 1
We were on the star table again this week! Yeah!!! 2
We were on the star table again this week! Yeah!!! 3
We were on the star table again this week! Yeah!!! 4
We were on the star table again this week! Yeah!!! 5 These are all of the points we got this week!

21st April, 2017

Dear Parents, carers and Pandas,


Welcome back after the Easter break! We hope you have all had a great couple of weeks and have not eaten too much chocolate!

This term we will be continuing with our phonics as well as developing our reading and writing skills along with our maths skills. We will also be continuing with the RSPB wild challenge. We are close to our bronze! Just one more activity to complete!

Well this week has flown by! We started on Tuesday, just to confuse us all, by chatting all about our Easter break. The children enjoyed sharing their stories and listened well to their friends. In the afternoon we all went on a high frequency word hunt. The children did really well, finding and reading lots of the words that were hidden in the classroom.

On Wednesday we had our first PE of this term. Wednesday will now be our new day for PE for the rest of this term and possibly next term. In the afternoon we went outside to have a look at all of the trees on the school grounds and think about why we like trees and how they help us. We then put our ideas onto paper before climbing on the trim trail!

Thursday was all about the story Stuck. Can you remember what happened? What got stuck? We thought about what the characters might be thinking and saying and added these to pictures, creating speech bubbles. We also though about the different sizes of the items that got ‘Stuck’ and used these to create size order pictures, complete with labels. We also created tree pictures showing the different seasons. We were very busy!

And then it was Friday, and our celebration assembly. The children are always keen to stand up in front of the school and we hope you enjoyed hearing about their learning so far this term.


Monday will be our first forest school session of the term so don’t forget your clothes. As we did last term, we will be having outside learning every Monday this term.


Thanking you all for your continued support,


Mrs Cannell, Mrs Gadd and Mrs Palmer.


Family Challenge: So, how are your sunflowers doing? The ones that you planted in the pots that you made as part of our mother’s day afternoon. Have they grown? Did you remember to bring them home from school? Everyone has bought home a sunflower diary with them today so that you can keep track of what is happening to it at home. You can add to your diary whenever you want to, photos, drawing etc. Anything you want to add is fine, it’s your diary. We are looking forward to seeing how they grow over the next few weeks. We will be keeping track of those that we plant in school too. Have fun, and if you have not got your sunflower anymore, don’t worry as we can plant some new ones next week. Have fun!

This weeks newsletter for download.

In case you lose your sunflower diary, or need extra pages, a copy of it can be downloaded here.

24th March, 2017

Dear Parents, carers and Pandas,

The weather has been a bit mixed this week, with the wind being of a particular strength! It can make being outside a little bit more of a challenge, especially if you want to be using fabrics and such like but you always seem to manage to find a solution.

On Monday we started on challenge 4 of our RSPB Wild Challenge, our improved bug hotel. We thought about what we would like to create and then in our groups, planned our hotel and created a list of resources. And then it was time to build and create our new hotel. The children all worked very hard and even though we didn’t get as far as we had hoped, they still enjoyed the building. They were also very excited with one of our discoveries when we moved a log, a very small hibernating newt! We talked about the best place to put him and the children choose to put him over in our pond area so he could easily get close to some water.

Other exciting things that have happened this week are the return of two of the ospreys that Panda Class followed last year. Their names are Maya and 33(11). This breeding pair lives part of the year in Africa and return to Rutland Water in Leicestershire in March to lay their eggs and raise their chicks. Last year we saw three chicks grow and fledge and are hoping to be able to see the same this year. Fingers crossed. The opspreys are yet to return to another nest that we followed in Scotland but we are hoping they will arrive soon as other nests in the area are seeing the return of their breeding pairs.

In maths this week we have been busy measuring. We used some special blue tit wingspan measures that we made and spent time in the classroom seeing how big things were in relation to the blue tit wingspan. We also found out how many times a blue tit wingspan would fit into an osprey’s wingspan. Can you remember? Our blue tit had a wingspan of 20cm and ospreys have a wingspan of 180cm.

Thank you to everyone for the donation of chocolate for next week’s chocolate bingo. We promise we haven’t eaten any of them…yet.

Don’t forget your forest school clothes again on Monday!


And finally, we had to say goodbye to Miss Uttley today as her time with us is now over. The children have really enjoyed having her in the class and have learned a lot from her lessons. We will miss her but wish her all the best with the rest of her training and future teaching career. Don’t forget about us!



Thanking you all for your continued support,


Mrs Cannell, Mrs Gadd, Mrs Palmer and Miss Uttley.


Family Challenge: Egg decoration competition! Next week is Easter and one of the exciting things that will be happening is our KS1 competition to decorate a hardboiled egg. There is no theme for this so let your imagination run wild! If the children would like to enter this competition, they will need to bring their decorated eggs to school on Thursday 30th March ready for judging. The eggs will be bought home that afternoon. Have fun! We look forward to seeing all of your decorated eggs next week.

PS. Don’t forget it’s a special day on Sunday! Let’s hope you can give your mummy’s five minutes peace, just like the elephants in our story!

Panda Class were on the star table for lunch today!

Panda Class were on the star table for lunch today!  1 This week we have been earning stickers.
Panda Class were on the star table for lunch today!  2 We were given them for good manners.
Panda Class were on the star table for lunch today!  3 And for eating all of our lunch.
Panda Class were on the star table for lunch today!  4 Panda Class earned the most stickers this week.
Panda Class were on the star table for lunch today!  5 And got to sit at the star table for lunch.
Panda Class were on the star table for lunch today!  6 I wonder who it will be next week?

17th March, 2017

Dear Parents, carers and Pandas,

The sun has been shining this week and the children have been making the most of it, being outside at any opportunity!

The week started with activity number three for our RSPB bronze award, and this time it was pond dipping. We worked in small groups to see what we could find and even though the water is a bit on the chilly side, lots of life was found in the pond. We found newts, water boatmen, damselfly and mayfly larvae, whirligigs and a couple of water snails. We then spent time in the afternoon updating our group explorer books before thinking about what we were going to tell the RSPB about our pond dipping. Three activities completed, only another three for our bronze. Do you think we will get there by Easter? We will pond dip again as the weather gets warmer to see if we find anything different.

On Tuesday, the classroom was invaded by Bog babies! They were everywhere! Inside, outside, in cupboards, hiding in the book area, playing in the sand pit! The children used this invasion to become explores and so much creative work was completed by the end of the day. In fact, the Bog babies liked it so much in our classroom that they were still there on Wednesday! Most of them seem to have vanished now but keep your eyes peeled as you never know where you may see one. A lot of the Bog babies had numbers on them so we could keep track of them but a few have completely vanished which meant that we had missing numbers when we went on our Bog babies number hunt Wednesday afternoon. This didn’t stop the children from helping us to work out which numbers were missing.

We have also been keeping up to date with what is happening in the osprey nests that we are watching as well as the blue tit nest boxes. The osprey nests are still empty though hopefully not for long as the adult ospreys have now left their winter homes in Africa to begin the long flight back to the UK. We will be checking on the nests daily and posting updates on our display board in the classroom. As for the blue tit nest boxes, those little birds have been busy starting their nests and we watched as a sparrow kept popping into one of the boxes to take the nest materials that the blue tits had started to use. Fingers crossed the nests will soon be built and eggs laid.

PE has now moved to Thursdays and this week it was all about team relay games out on the playground. The children had different challenges to complete as part of a team. There was a lot of cheering and great encouragement for all team members which was great to see. Sports day isn’t far off!!

And then it was Friday! We spent the morning revisiting all of the sounds we had been thinking about during the week as well as reading to some adults and making plans for Monday’s forest school session. Can you remember what activity we are thinking of doing next week?


Don’t forget your forest school clothes again on Monday!


And please note that because of our Mother’s day open afternoon on Friday there will be no open afternoon on Wednesday.


Thanking you all for your continued support,


Mrs Cannell, Mrs Gadd, Mrs Palmer and Miss Uttley.


Family Challenge: On May 7th our school will be holding their annual cycle sportive. This is a 100km bike ride around the beautiful Kent countryside though for those who are not quite feeling 100km is for them, there is a shorter ride of about 50km. More details can be found on the British Cycling website This year the PTFA would like to award all of the cyclists who take part a congratulatory certificate and would like for it to be designed by the children. They would like the certificate to be a collage of pictures, choosing several of the designs that the children have drawn. We would love it if you could draw a picture on A5 paper of something that represents the ride, for example a cyclist, the Kent countryside or something that the cyclist might spot on their journey and return the entry by Friday 24th March. Have fun!

This weeks newsletter for download.

Pond dipping!

Pond dipping!  1 Pond dipping!
Pond dipping!  2 We found some larve.
Pond dipping!  3 And a water boatman.
Pond dipping!  4
Pond dipping!  5 Can you remember what they will change into?
Pond dipping!  6
Pond dipping!  7
Pond dipping!  8
Pond dipping!  9 We found a newt!
Pond dipping!  10
Pond dipping!  11
Pond dipping!  12
Pond dipping!  13 We had a lot of fun!
Pond dipping!  14 And no one fell in!

10th March, 2017

Dear Parents, carers and Pandas,

Well another busy week has just sped past in Panda class this week! And the weather has been better too which always helps.

We started the week with our outdoor learning. This week we were looking for signs of spring. We came up with lots of ideas about what we might find and then went on a hunt around the school to see if we could find them all. The only thing we couldn’t see was any lambs though they will be in the lower field soon for us to have a look at. Afterwards we went over to forest school to see if there was any signs of spring in the pond. Can you remember what we found? We will be pond dipping again on Monday. I wonder what we will find this time.

Tuesday was PE and we were all developing our balance and gross motor skills to music, this time being trees. The children loved doing all of the moves as well as then putting these moves onto paper to create their own growing tree pictures. In the afternoon we watched a lot of birds on the web cam in Scotland to see what we could see. Can you remember any of the birds or animals that we saw?

And then it was Wednesday. Today we spent time developing our phonics skills as well as thinking about what the visitor to our class does. Our visitor was a Nest Guardian. We spent time thinking about the kind of nest that he would protect and why. We made lots of plans ready for our writing on Thursday.

Thursday was writing day and the children did really well, thinking about the sounds that they would need as well as trying hard to remember their finger spaces so that their work was easier to read. In the afternoon we went on a counting journey, using tally marks to keep track of how many things we found.

And then it was Friday and our celebration assembly. We hope you enjoyed listening to the children. It was very hard to think of what we wanted to share as we have been doing so much over the last few weeks.

We are closer to getting our bronze certificate for our RSPB Wild Challenge having now completed 2 of the 6 challenges and next week we will be completing some more activities to help us get there quicker. All we need to do is decide on which ones we are going to do!


Don’t forget your forest school clothes again on Monday!


Thanking you all for your continued support,


Mrs Cannell, Mrs Gadd, Mrs Palmer and Miss Uttley.


Family Challenge: The weather forecast for this weekend is dry so why not go out on your own spring hunt. What can you find? Can you find the same things that we found in school? Buds, new leaves, shoots, daffodils? Have fun and enjoy the weekend.


This weeks newsletter to download.

3rd March, 2017

Dear Parents, carers and Pandas,

Welcome back after the break. It’s been a very busy two weeks back but the children have settled back in quickly and seem to be keen to tackle the new challenges that are facing them this term.

it comes to their learning this term, more is expected of them especially when it comes to their writing and so far they haven’t let us down. They have written brilliant accounts of their time at home during the holidays and this week have been thinking and writing about what they imagine hedgehogs dream about when they are sleeping.

As you may have guessed, hedgehogs have been a bit of a focus this week! We started on Monday with our forest school session where we worked in groups to create hog houses. The very windy weather didn’t help us but we gave it a good go, finishing them off in the classroom in the afternoon before hiding them outside on Wednesday. Now we have to wait and see if we get any visitors!


We will be doing forest school type activities every Monday this term so the children will need their clothes every week.


As well as making our hog houses, we have also been watching some bird boxes on line via a website. We are hoping to see the blue tits building their nest and then laying their eggs, and if everything goes well, seeing the chicks grow and fledge. This normally happens over a few weeks and seeing the developments in the boxes is always exciting. At the moment they are just popping in and out of the boxes but if you look in them after dusk, you can see some blue tits sleeping in them. They really do seem to put the heads under their wings when they sleep. As this term continues we will be following more birds via their webcams and we will keep you up to date with our findings.

Tuesday was Shrove Tuesday, also known as pancake day. The children really enjoyed helping to make pancakes to eat, covering them with sugar and lemon. They even did their own washing up! Great job Pandas!

In maths we have been developing our counting skills, making hedgehogs and adding the correct number of spikes, as well as thinking about symmetry, creating a large butterfly on our classroom playground. The children quickly picked up on where they needed to be placing items when we were creating it so that the wings remained symmetrical.

And we still found time for phonics, PE, stories, songs, games and working our way through lots of junk modelling! Any donations of boxes, tubes, etc would be great. Thank you.


For the next four weeks we are being joined in class by Miss Uttley. She is training to be a teacher and is with us to see what it is like to be a reception class teacher.


Thanking you all for your continued support,


Mrs Cannell, Mrs Gadd, Mrs Palmer and Miss Uttley.


Family Challenge: Over the next few weeks we will be taking part in the RSPB’s wild challenge. More details of this can be found on their website. The aim is to take part in as many activities as possible over the next three terms. The hog house was one of the first but now we need to think about what other activities you would like to complete. The more we complete, the higher the award we will hopefully get so this weekend, have a think about what we can do in school to improve the wildlife around us. You may need to register on the RSPB site to have a look at their ideas but this may help you and there may be things that you would like to do at home to help the wildlife in your garden. Have fun!

This weeks newsletter for download.

Our hog houses

Our hog houses 1 We made hog houses.
Our hog houses 2 We drew a square onto the side of a cardboard box.
Our hog houses 3
Our hog houses 4
Our hog houses 5 We had to carefully cut it out.
Our hog houses 6 We filled the box with newspaper and hay.
Our hog houses 7
Our hog houses 8 It made a bit of a mess!
Our hog houses 9
Our hog houses 10 We hope they like them!

10th February, 2017

Dear Parents, carers and Pandas,

Well the last week of term three has passed us by very quickly! We can’t believe that we are now half way through their first year of school. It doesn’t seem that long since they started with us.

We started the week in forest school and searching for lots of different things that we could use to help to create a number line to hang in the classroom. We had numbers on cards and we then had to go and find that many things to pit in our frame so that we could photograph it and use to create our number line. We also set the children the challenge of making stick towers, creating lots of squares on top of each other to make a tower. The children really enjoyed this challenge and worked well to create some great towers.

We have also become authors this week, working in small groups to create, plan and then write our own stories. We listened to stories we could understand how a story is structured, created paper Pandas to use in our stories, planned the beginning middle and end and then used the story maker app on the IPads to create and record their stories, The children all did really well writing and then creating their stories on the IPads. Well done Pandas!

In maths, we have used the photographs taken in forest school to create our own number line, and work out  which numbers are missing. We had a few missing numbers but the children helped to create them so that we have a complete number line.

In PE, we used glo-sticks again to create the shapes in our Write Dance. This time though we created circles and eights in the air. It was a lot of fun and it really helps to see the different ways that you can move in the air.

And we have still found time for phonics, thinking about how we can write simple sentences as well as remembering to use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. The children were very good at pointing out all of the mistakes that I had made when I wrote my sentence on the board. Can you remember what I missed out?

And then it was the end of the week, well Thursday, which this week is the end of the week. You have all worked so hard this week, that you can all have Friday off!

Term 4 starts again on Tuesday 21st February so we will see you all then. Have a great week off!


Thanking you all for your continued support,


Mrs Cannell, Mrs Gadd and Mrs Palmer.


Family Challenge: So, a week off of school. Have a great week, play games, share books, draw pictures, maybe bake cakes, help at home, but most of all, have a lovely week with your grown-ups. If you are lucky enough to be going away, then have a great time and we look forward to hearing all about it when we come back. You may want to create your own Positititree leaf to add to our tree in the classroom. How could you create your leaf? But most of all, have fun!

This weeks newsletter for downloading.

3rd February, 2017

Dear Parents, carers and Pandas,

          Well the weather has been different this week! Milder, wetter and a bit windier. I wonder what next week’s weather will be like. Hopefully dry and not too cold!


      This week has been all about Chinese New Year and so on Monday we grabbed our Panda passports and boarded a plane for China. It was a bit of a long and bumpy journey but we got there quickly and safely!

      Whilst in China we built a big wall, created some temples, learnt about origami, played with some money envelopes, used chop sticks, tried to do some Chinese writing, made some puppets, made a class dragon, watched a video about celebrating Chinese new year and wrote some stories!!

      Such a busy week!! And then it was time to fly home, just in time for a surprise visitor! Did you like our visitor? We did! A big thank you to Troy and his mum for bringing the lamb in. It was very exciting.


Monday will be our last forest school session of this term, so don’t forget your warm clothes!



     Thanking you all for your continued support,


      Mrs Cannell, Mrs Gadd and Mrs Palmer.


Family Challenge: On Friday we spent some time thinking about the things that we have done this week that have made us proud. Some of the children were really proud of their writing, some of their Great Walls of China that they made and some were proud that they had been a good friend. So your challenge this week is to think of something that you are really proud of, put it on the leaf that you have all bought home with you and bring it back into school so we can add it to our Positivitree which has sprung up in our book corner. Have fun!

This weeks newsletter for downloading.

Our visitor to Panda class! February 3rd 2017

Our visitor to Panda class! February 3rd 2017 1 This is the lamb who came to visit us today.
Our visitor to Panda class! February 3rd 2017 2 He is two weeks old.
Our visitor to Panda class! February 3rd 2017 3 He was very friendly.
Our visitor to Panda class! February 3rd 2017 4 And very soft.
Our visitor to Panda class! February 3rd 2017 5
Our visitor to Panda class! February 3rd 2017 6
Our visitor to Panda class! February 3rd 2017 7
Our visitor to Panda class! February 3rd 2017 8
Our visitor to Panda class! February 3rd 2017 9
Our visitor to Panda class! February 3rd 2017 10
Our visitor to Panda class! February 3rd 2017 11
Our visitor to Panda class! February 3rd 2017 12
Our visitor to Panda class! February 3rd 2017 13 Thank you Troy for letting us meet your lamb!
Our visitor to Panda class! February 3rd 2017 14
Our visitor to Panda class! February 3rd 2017 15
Our visitor to Panda class! February 3rd 2017 16

Glo-stick Write Dance! 31st January 2017

Glo-stick Write Dance!   31st January 2017 1 We used glo-sticks in our Write Dance this week.
Glo-stick Write Dance!   31st January 2017 2 We had to make the hall as dark as possible.
Glo-stick Write Dance!   31st January 2017 3
Glo-stick Write Dance!   31st January 2017 4
Glo-stick Write Dance!   31st January 2017 5 We made patterns with them.
Glo-stick Write Dance!   31st January 2017 6
Glo-stick Write Dance!   31st January 2017 7
Glo-stick Write Dance!   31st January 2017 8 It was lots of fun!

27th January, 2017

Dear Parents, carers and Pandas,


Well the chilliness has continued this week which has meant that we could continue with our ice investigations but has not been as much fun for cold hands!

We started on Monday with forest school where we all went on a word hunt. Lots of animals were hidden in the area and the children had to see how many they could find. They all enjoyed this even in the cold. The weather did provide us with an extra bit of learning as we could talk about the amazing frozen spider’s webs and trees that we could see.

In the afternoon we continued hunting for words, though this time in our outside area. The ice continued to be an exciting feature and we were able to find out if our balloons had frozen. Can you remember what had happened to them?

Tuesday was about making bird feeders. We had created a shopping list the day before so we would know what we had to ask Mrs Cannell to buy from the shops and then we were able to make our own. Can you remember what you used to make your bird feeder?

On Wednesday we wrote instructions so that other people would know how to make the bird feeders. We had  to think about what we had made and the order that we had completed the different parts before putting it onto paper. All of the feeders worked out really well and are now hanging up outside. We hope the birds like them! Do you have bird feeders at home? If you do then you may want to make some of our tasty feeders at home. The links for these can be found on our class web page.

Thursday was more phonics, a bit more instruction writing and then a number hunt on the field. The weather though was very cold and so we couldn’t complete all of the numbers but we will on another day so don’t worry. We came inside and warmed up using our GoNoodle website that we had used for our open afternoon on the Wednesday. We hope you enjoyed that!!

And then it was Friday and we completed some phonics activities in our yellow books, based on the sounds and  words we had been thinking about during the week. Any new sounds have been added to the children’s sound books so you can have a look at them at home.

Looking at the weather for next week, I’m not sure we are going to find much ice though we may be able to find some other things to do with the weather to investigate. Who knows!!


Thanking you all for your continued support,


Mrs Cannell, Mrs Gadd and Mrs Palmer.


Family Challenge: One of the highlights of this week has been playing board games. The children have really enjoyed spending time on a couple of afternoons learning how to play different games and so your family challenge for this weekend is to do just that, play a game. It can be a simple as snakes and ladders or snap or as challenging as Monopoly, if you feel that brave! Why not take a picture to stick in your book of you playing your game and we can talk about next week. Have fun!!

Our weekly newsletter for download

20th January, 2017

Dear Parents, carers and Pandas.


Well this week had been a very busy week!! And very cold which has led to lots of conversations about ice! Brrrr!!

We started the week being very active and riding the balance bikes on the playground with a lovely gentleman called Spencer. He is a regular in school who comes in to teach the children how to ride their bikes safely. The focus for Pandas was to move the bikes using their legs and feet, lifting them up at times and balancing as the bikes moves along the playground. The children really enjoyed their time, improving all the time and very keen to share their experiences when they came in. They didn’t even mind the cold!

Tuesday was our weekly PE session and again we focused on yoga and stretching though this time the children helped to write our own yoga, animal, explorer story using most of the poses we have been learning over the last few weeks.

On Wednesday we explored capacity in the water tray, filling drinks bottles with cups of water to take with us on our bike ride. We were trying to find out which bottles held the most water, and how many bottles of water we would need to take with us on our journey. The children had lots of fun, and didn’t get too wet!!

On Thursday we became poets, working in our thinking groups to create an acrostic poem. The children all worked really hard and had some great ideas about what they needed to include.

The highlight of the week for most though has been the ice that has been appearing outside. It has fascinated the children and they have come up with their own experiments about it. Can you remember what they have found out? Can you find any ice at home over the weekend? Where did you find it?

The children have also been developing their phonics knowledge this week and any new sounds that they have been learning will have been added to their sound books.

And don’t forget, forest school is on Monday!! Warm clothes will be a must!!! 


Thanking you all for your continued support,


Mrs Cannell, Mrs Gadd and Mrs Palmer.


Family Challenge: Next week we will be continuing to be animal explorers, with the focus being on birds and how we can help them through the cold winter months. Unlike Pandas, birds are not great fans of ice! Your challenge is to find out what sorts of birds we are likely to see in our school grounds and the sorts of foods that we could put out for them. We will then be using this knowledge to feed our birds. Have fun!!

6th January 2017

Dear parents, carers and of course Pandas.

 Welcome back after the Christmas break and Happy New Year! We hope you all had a great Christmas and that Santa was kind with your presents. We have talked about Christmas this week, with the children sharing their own Christmas stories with the rest of the class. I think Santa's sleigh must have been very hard for the reindeers to pull this year! We then used these thoughts and ideas to write their own thank you letters to those who had given us presents, mum, dad, nanny, Santa, lots of different letters were written and we were very impressed with all of the children's positive way in which they went about their work on only the second day back. Well done Pandas!

This week has only been three days, with one of those days being a half day because of the burst water main. Fortunately this was fixed quickly so we didn't need to miss any more school. The children were brilliant about the change to their day, though some were not happy to be going home which is always good to hear. Hopefully next week will be a lot less eventful.

            As a class we have talked about New Year's resolutions and what these mean and have come up with our own for Panda class. Our New Year's resolution is to tidy up properly, putting things away where they are supposed to go, and not hiding them in different places so it looks like we have been tidying. So far they are trying really hard with this so well done Pandas! Keep it up!

Monday is the first of our forest school sessions for this term so please remember your warm clothes! It is cold at the moment and we will  be outside for the whole morning so warm clothes, hat, scarf, gloves and some thick socks are important so that the children can enjoy the sessions. we do have waterproofs and welly boots in school, but no warm clothing so please remeber yours.


Thanking you all for your continued support.


Mrs Cannell, Mrs Gadd and Mrs Palmer.


Family challenge: The children have chosen to find out more about animals this term. And when we say animals, we mean animals as they are listing a lot so we will see how far we get! Your challenge is to think of some questions that we could find out the answers to over the next few weeks. It may be about a specific animal, several children mentioned elephants and sea lions, or questions about where different animals live. We can then become animal detectives and answer as many of your questions as possible. Have fun!

9th December, 2016

Dear Parents, carers and Pandas.


            Well, this week has been a very busy one! Rehearsals for this year’s nativity are in full swing now and so far it’s going really well. The children are learning all of the songs as well as trying really hard to remember when they need to be on and off the stage which can really hard when you are only four! But they are all doing brilliantly well. As well as acting out the nativity story, we have been listening to it and using the nativity characters in construction activities with the wooden blocks. The Pandas have done a great job of building the stable and the castle that they think the wise men would have lived in. So very creative!





            Monday was our last forest school session of this term and we spent it exploring and looking for patterns as well as climbing trees and creating obstacle courses with all of the branches and logs that we could find there. Team work we keys especially when it came to moving some of the branches but they all did well.

            Because of our nativity rehearsals this week, we have not been able to do our mile run or have our weekly PE lesson. We have however been using a daily yoga advent calendar which they children are really good at. Can you show your grown-ups at home any of the moves we have been doing this week?

            Wednesday is our nativity performance and if you haven’t already bought in white tights or leggings for girls or neutral coloured trousers for the boys then could they please be in school for Monday at the latest as we will be having our first run through in costumes in the morning so that the children are used to being in their costumes before we show the school our nativity.  We look forward to sharing this years nativity with you on Wednesday. For the evening performance, please can all children be back in school for 4:30 so that we have time to get into our costumes. Thank you.


Thanking you all for your continued support,


Mrs Cannell, Mrs Gadd and Mrs Palmer.


Family Challenge: The end of term is not far away and we still have so much to do before then so this weekends challenge is a little different. ! Looking around the class this week, everyone is tired and either recovering from or fighting off coughs and colds and that includes the adults! So your family challenge this weekend is to snuggle up on the sofa and share a favourite book, preferably under a blanket in front of the fire but please don’t get too close to the fire! We don’t want you to get burnt! Then go to bed early and get a very well deserved rest! Maybe you could get someone to take a photo and stick it into your book so that we know you did your homework properly!! Enjoy!!

And if you would like our newsletter to download, here it is.

Useful information regarding appropriate physical contact.


Dear Parents and Carers

Pandas have now been in school for nearly two terms and are feeling very comfortable in their social groups. This comfort can sometimes lead to curiosity  about, and their desire to explore,  the similarities and differences between their own and others bodies. This is perfectly normal at this age. However, we thought it would be useful to provide you with some information about this behaviour within the context of the children's age.

The following link is from the NSPCC's website. We hope you find it useful.


Thanking you all for your continued support.


Mrs Cannell


This weeks Panda news!

December 2ndn2016

Dear parents, carers and of course Pandas.


            Welcome to our first online newsletter. This week the grown-ups have written it but maybe next week we will let the pandas have their say and tell us what they would like us to write! But for now, it’s the adults.


            So this week. Well it’s been cold! Really cold! In fact, the pandas haven’t been as keen as they normally are to be outside and have chosen to spend most of their time in the classroom which has seemed a bit strange. Maybe next week they will want to go outside a bit more. We will see.

            We have been outside though and spent all of Monday afternoon on the field, raking up the leaves in to huge piles so that we could jump into them! The excitement of a good leaf pile! So much fun and so many dry crunchy leaves!


            Tuesday was PE and we completed our autumn yoga again. The children have mastered these balances now, remembering what to do each time they are asked to get into a position and are now able to focus on their breathing whilst doing their poses. Well done Pandas.  After our relaxing yoga, we all put on warmer clothes and went outside to complete our mile run. This time we used ten frames, cards with ten boxes on them, to help us keep track of out ten laps. Every time the children ran a lap, they came to a grown-up to have their card signed. Well done Pandas! You are all getting a lot better at doing the whole lap, rather than cutting off the corners!


            On Wednesday Mrs Rawling had Pandas for the day as Mrs Cannell was on a course. They spent time developing their sound knowledge as well as completing the Christmas Present challenge, so, is the biggest present always the heaviest?


            The children have spent the week making Christmas tree decorations for our school tree, and on Thursday, we all went to assembly to decorate the tree. Every child in the school had made a decoration and we took it in turn to hang ours on the tree. The end result was one beautiful tree which is standing in the corner of the hall for everyone to enjoy. We hope you like it. Christmas has arrived at Aldington Primary School!


And then it was Friday and a very small visitor in our classroom, one of Father Christmas’ fairy’s. She has been sent be Father Christmas to keep an eye on Panda Class and report back to help him with his list writing. Which list are you hoping to be on? She also asked if we could write to Father Christmas with our Christmas wishes and so in the afternoon, we all had a go at writing to him. I wonder if he will write back? We will have to wait and see.


Panda class all bought home details about their nativity costume today. The boys will need neutral coloured trousers, black, brown etc and the girls will need white tights or leggings. These will need to be in school by Friday, clearly named and in a carrier bag. Any questions then please ask.           


And finally. Monday will be our last forest school session for this term so please don’t forget your clothes! It will be chilly but we are hoping that it will at least be dry. We deserve it! We’ve had our wet forest school sessions!  


Thanking you all for your continued support.


Mrs Cannell, Mrs Gadd, Mrs Palmer and Miss Jepson.



Family challenge: The biggest challenge of all!! Be good!! There’s not long left to make sure that you are all on the right list for Father Christmas and I’m sure you want to be on the good list, or as some of you said today, you will get a broken pencil and a piece of coal for Christmas! So the challenge is, be good. See how you can help at home this weekend. Can you make your own bed? Can you put away your toys without being asked? Can you remember those very important pleases and thank yous? Have a good weekend and see you all on Monday!

Our newsletter if you would like to download it

Remembrance Week.


We have been thinking a lot about the poppy this week and what it means. We have read stories and watched this particular video about a rabbit who lives in a field of poppies. It is a short video but beautifully made and has given us a great starting point for a lot of conversations during the week. If you would like to watch it, here is the link.




Thank you.



We are now part of the Letter-join handwriting scheme and any of our pupils wishing to practice their handwriting at home can now log on to the Letter-join website on iPads and tablets as well as desktop and laptop computers.


Go to and log in using the desktop log in boxes:



Letter-join works best on browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Opera.



Go to and select the tablet log in button, log in using these details:


Swipe code: starting at the top left form the shape of a capital L

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