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Dolphin (Year 1)

Welcome to Dolphin Class!

Celebration Assemblies


Our next Celebration Assembly is Friday 7th July 


Forest School

Term 6:

Tuesday 13th June

Tuesday 27th June

Tuesday 11th July (our last session!)


Term 6


Port Lympne


On Friday 9th June, Dolphin Class went to Port Lympne. The weather was cloudy but there were some glimmers of sunshine!


We started our adventure at Base Camp where we boarded the safari truck. Half of us sat on the truck and the other half sat on the trailer. When we first set off, we saw a rhino and a cheetah.


Our first stop on the safari was the South American experience where we saw Tapirs and Bears. Then we entered the Asian experience. In here we saw lots of different types of deer. We saw the most animals in the African experience. We saw giraffes, zebras, some more deer and three ostriches. The male ostrich was sitting on top of some eggs. He was incubating them to hatch.


We got off of the safari at the Carnivore Territory and wandered round until we saw a lion. He looked very hungry so we decided to go and explore the Dinosaur Forest!


The dinosaurs were amazing! We were able to name lots of them.


We then ate our lunch (some of us even had giraffe shaped sandwiches) and headed back up to Base Camp to play on the play park.


Before the end of the day, we visited the wolves and the tiger.


We had a brilliant day. Thank you to Mrs Cronk and Mrs Everson for giving up their day to help us. 


Term 5




On Tuesday, we have been creating stamps using string and cardboard. We had to use PVA glue to stick the string onto the cardboard. We then tried to create an African animal shape. On Thursday we then had a go at printing. It was brilliant!






In Maths, we have been measuring objects around the room using non-standard measure (e.g. lollypop sticks, pieces of paper, 20p coins and paper clips. We were trying to find out about how many units objects were. 


Here is some of our learning:



Term 4


Chick cuddles


On Friday 24th March, we had chick cuddles! They felt very soft but their claws tickled our hands.










We have chicks!




On Tuesday 21st March, 4 of our chicks hatched. We had 2 Hybrid eggs and 2 Cream Crested Legbars. On Wednesday, 3 more chicks hatched including a Copper Marran and then on Thursday one more Cream Crested Legbar chick hatched. In total we had 8 chicks.


We were very surprised by how quickly they have got their feathers! After 2 days, the first born chicks started to develop feathers on their wings. 


We have loved having the chicks in the classroom. Lots of the adults around the school and parents have too! We cannot wait to see how they grow.




Our homework last week was to find out about Mammoths. Here are some of them!






How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth


In class we have been reading How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth. This book is all about Instruction Writing. We washed toy animals ourselves using shampoo, a toothbrush, a bath and protective clothing.




How to Wash a Tall Giraffe

First, run a deep bath.

If your giraffe is thirsty this may take a while!

Second, add the white, fluffy bubbles.

Don't get it in their eyes!

Third, place the giraffe in the bath.

Fourth, get scrubbing!

Don't forget to wash its long neck.

Fifth, clean its big furry legs.

Sixth, wash off the bubbles.

Seventh, dry it off with a soft, snuggly towel.

Finally give your giraffe a hug.




This term we have been very lucky! Mr and Mrs Cocks have brought in some eggs that we can incubate. We were able to select the type of eggs we wanted to try and hatch. We chose a number of Copper Marans, Light Sussex, Cream Crested Legbars and some Hybrid eggs to try and hatch in class. We have to incubate them for 21 days and then hopefully some will hatch.




We had a look inside the shell to see where the air bubble is.


Thank you so much to Mr and Mrs Cocks for giving up your time to come and help us with our learning. We are all very excited and can't wait to see if any hatch.


Term 3




In PE this term with Mr Putland, we have been learning about tri-golf. We can now tell you that the red club is called a putter and the blue club is called an iron. If we want to hit the ball along the floor we use the putter but if we want to hit it into the sky we use the iron. We have loved using the iron to hit the ball up in a game called 'High 5'!




Jack and the Beanstalk


In Term 3 we have been doing lots of learning about Jack and the Beanstalk. We have been acting out the story and interviewing different characters from the story like the Giant. We had to use adjectives to describe what the Giant was eating. One of them was 'spikey, sharp toe nails on toast', yuk!


Term 2


Christmas lunch


For our Christmas lunch this year, everyone sat in the hall and was served by the adults. It was brilliant! We had crackers, we wore our Christmas hats and were able to wear our Christmas jumpers. The food was delicious!






Christmas Decorations


After planning our Christmas decorations in Forest School we made them using different shades and sizes of blue felt. 




We then had a very lovely assembly where everyone put their decorations on the tree!




We thought they looked brilliant on the tree.

(Mr Dawson crept into our picture!)




In PE we have been developing our hand eye coordination. We have been learning Handball with Mr P. and Basketball with Miss Jackson.




We used an overarm throw by aiming and showing off our muscles to keep the ball high. 


Forest School


On Tuesday 15th November in Forest School, we were using our mathematical knowledge to help us get into the Christmassy spirit (in November, I know!) Miss Jackson gave us each a straw and we had to create a Christmas Tree by layering leaves that had fallen from the trees.


We had a lot of fun finding different sized leaves!






Remembrance Week


Last week we learnt about Remembrance. We read the book Where the Poppies Now Grow by Hilary Robinson to help us understand the reason why lots of people wear poppies in the lead up to Remembrance Day. We created our own across the week.



Bollywood Dancing


On Wednesday we had a lady called Amber come in to school. She taught us all about Bollywood Dancing. We were able to wear special scarves whilst Amber taught us some Bollywood Dance moves.




Amber gave out a Bindi to those children she thought were trying their hardest and were trying to do the special dance moves.




We performed our dance at the end of the day with the rest of the school, thank you to some of the parents and adults for joining in!


Term 1


What an amazing first couple of weeks we have had as Dolphins! Dolphin Class is a little bit different to Panda Class but we are really enjoying it and still get to do lots of exploring outside. 


This term has been about 'Getting to Know Me'. We have been talking about our homes and learning about different types of houses.


Forest School


In Forest School we built houses using natural materials. We received a letter asking us to help a creature build a house. It needed to be the perfect size for a creature that is smaller than a mouse but bigger than an ant. 











In PE with Mr. Putland, we have been doing Gymnastics. We have been exploring floor work and learning different gymnastic positions. Did you see these in our class assembly?


We learnt how to do a stretch jump:




We also learnt how to do a back balance:



Book Week


We loved our Book Week theme, All At Sea!


On Monday we had an assembly first thing in the morning which was a little bit different to what we normally do. Miss Farmer showed us a video of some pirates digging up some treasure. It was amazing! Mrs MacCourt then came into assembly to say that a treasure chest had been delivered to school. We opened it and our class was given a shell!


During the week we read the book Sharing a Shell by Julia Donaldson and Lydia Monks to find out where the shell had come from. We did some drama to think about how the crab in the story would feel.


On Wednesday we got to dress up!


What a busy term we have had, we cannot wait for Term 2!


We are now part of the Letter-join handwriting scheme and any of our pupils wishing to practice their handwriting at home can now log on to the Letter-join website on iPads and tablets as well as desktop and laptop computers.


Go to and log in using the desktop log in boxes:



Letter-join works best on browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Opera.



Go to and select the tablet log in button, log in using these details:


Swipe code: starting at the top left form the shape of a capital L

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