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Jaguar (Year 5)

Term 6!


How did this happen? Term 6 already! There are a lot of emotions flying around right now. As we enter the final term of Year 5, I can't help but feel a little sad that our time together is coming to an end; however, the overwhelming pride of each and every one of you make it easier. You really are incredible and to see you all thriving even after such a complex few years makes us prouder than you know. 


This term we are focussing on growing up. Why don't humans lay eggs?

We will be focussing on this in our topic work thinking about animals including humans and living things and their habitats looking at life cycles, similarities and differences and different stages. We will also cover the statutory RSE units (relationship and sex education) throughout the term.


In English we will be looking at the picture book 'How to live forever' by Colin Thompson and the animation 'The Piano'. We will explore both texts, complete some emotive pieces of writing and finish the term showing everyone what amazing writers we are. 


PE will be on Mondays this term and we are lucky enough to be working with Elite again once a week. Our other PE session will take place as swimming sessions like last term on Wednesday's and all children in school will undertake physical activities on this day. Once again we have the pleasure of being taught by Mr Dray on Thursdays for our music lessons. Aren't we lucky!! Forest school dates will be confirmed soon and I will ensure a parent mail is sent out to update you as well as updating this page. 


We do have to say goodbye to Mr Backhouse this term. We have been incredibly lucky to have him working with us over the last 7 weeks and I am sure you all will join me in thanking him for all of his hard work and commitment in Jaguar Class. We wish him all the luck in the world for the rest of his training. His last day with us will be Friday 11th June. 


I hope you are all as excited as I am to see what we achieve this term. Whilst it is bittersweet, I am beyond lucky to have been your teacher this year and can't wait to celebrate all of your achievements over the next few weeks. 


Miss Burden, Mrs Blake laugh

Term 5!


Can you believe it?? Term 5 already. This year is flying by and looking back I can see why. We have been learning in school, we have been learning from home, you have been superstars. 


This term we are focussing on space - Is there anyone out there?

We will use this focus in our English work when we look at the book Cosmic by Frank Cottrell-Boyce. We will be putting ourselves in the position on Liam Digby, stranded in space. Throughout the term we will also be exploring different aspects of space as we know it and look at the advancements in technology and knowledge over time. Unfortunately we won't be taking a trip to space (although what an awesome school trip that would be!!!). 


I am super excited to get stuck in with this and see how we get on. 


PE will be Mondays and Thursdays this term and we are lucky enough to be working with Elite again once a week. Forest school will be alternative Wednesdays starting 21.04.21. Once again we have the pleasure of being taught by Mr Dray on Thursdays for our music lessons. Aren't we lucky!!


I am super excited to see what this term holds and I know you will all continue to be superstars! 


Miss Burden, Mrs Blake and Mr Backhouse.laugh

KS2 Christmas Concert 2020

Merry Christmas from all the staff and children in Owl, Bear, Jaguar and Eagle Class!

Please enjoy music from all the classes both individually and as a whole Key Stage.

You can also see each class' Book Week art and Christmas tree decorations.

Term 2:


Were the Vikings really vicious and victorious?

This term we will be looking at the Vikings and the importance of their reign in England. We will make links to the Anglo-Saxons, research important features of Viking life and use different materials to make helmets and longboats and put them to the test to see if they are fit for purpose. 



Alfred the Great. How great was he?


This term we will be looking at the Anglo-Saxons and their impact on British history. We will look at the journey to England, their impact whilst they were here and their victories and challenges along the way. Here we will share some of the amazing work we have completed and what we have been up to! 

“We are the grammaristics!”

Hello there! Over the past few weeks, we have been using small but extremely helpful puzzle piece shaped bits of paper. What are they called? They are called…THE GRAMMARISTICS! They help us with our writing and remind us of the different types of grammar. For example, dialogue is a conversation between two people. And past and present tense is sentences that show when something is from the past and when something is from the present. That is only two out of many more grammaristics. Here are the Grammaristics:


The boomtastics are a great way to learn and write constructive paragraphs. The teachers say if you do two great sentences they will be happy if we have really thought about the vocabulary choices, then we can add additional ideas. They help us because we write more interesting and descriptive sentences.

Here are the boomtastics:

We have started using 'The Write stuff' ideas to help us with our writing, which includes learning about The Fantastics, The Boomtastics and The Grammaristics!

In English we have been writing sentences using the FANTASTICs. These are symbols which help us to decide what type sentence will be best in our writing. Here they are:

F Feeling

A Asking

N Noticing

T Touching

A Action

S Smelling

T Tasting

I Imagining

C Checking

We are now part of the Letter-join handwriting scheme and any of our pupils wishing to practice their handwriting at home can now log on to the Letter-join website on iPads and tablets as well as desktop and laptop computers.


Go to and log in using the desktop log in boxes:



Letter-join works best on browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Opera.



Go to and select the tablet log in button, log in using these details:


Swipe code: starting at the top left form the shape of a capital L