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Otter (Year 2)

Welcome to Otter Class!

with Miss Gates, Mrs Russell, Miss Cope

Mrs Michaelis and Miss Griggs

Welcome to Otter Class 2019-2020!

We hope you all had a fantastic summer and are looking forward to an amazing year in Year 2.


We will sharing all our exciting learning with you here on our class page!

Term 1: What is Kindness?

Term 1: What is Kindness? 1

This term we are looking at the story The Kindness Elves. The Kindness Elves live on the cloud and watch below for all the wonderful kind acts that children get up to. They are busy making potions to create things like love, compassion, joy and patience.


In Otters, we are going to be writing our very own kindness potion using our instruction words: first, next, then, after that, finally. We are also going to use amazing words called 'adverbs' to tell us how to do these instructions.



1000 Hours

1000 Hours 1
As part of our question this term 'What is Kindness?' we are going to be taking part in 1000 hours. How many acts of kindness can we do? Jot any down in your homework books so that we can log them.

Celebration Assembly

Celebration Assembly  1
Thank you all for coming to our assembly today! I hope you enjoyed seeing our hard work on kindness. We have been working as a class on using our very best manners, helping each other, encouraging each other and being good friends.

Our Kindness Homes

What fantastic homework! broken heart

Term 2: What is Kindness?

Term 2: What is Kindness? 1

This term we are very excited! In Year 2, we are the main parts in the nativity!


Before we even think about parts, we need to write a fantastic script which we are starting this week. We will be using the traditional story to begin with and continuing to look at our question from last term 'What is Kindness?'


Once we have looked at the traditional story we are moving on to the adapted story of Jesus' Christmas Party which is the book we will be basing this year's nativity on. It is brilliant and we can't wait for you to see it!



Homework Term 2

Homework Term 2 1

We have quite a long, exciting and busy term ahead of us this term.  We will be giving out parts later in the term, along with lines that will need to be learnt and any costumes that will be needed. We do have a good collection of costumes already so usually it is clothes to go underneath. All children will be given a chance to tell me if they want a big or little part but everyone takes part. We also will be having lots of class discussions about parts and how every part makes the nativity special because without all the animals, stars, kings, shepherds and innkeepers, our nativity wouldn’t be as special. J

I’m asking for this homework to be in on 6th December to allow the children to have a break from homework the following week which is ‘Nativity Week’.

Miss Gates J



Celebration Assembly: 20th December


For Term 2 our dates are:

Tuesday 29th October

Tuesday 12th November

Tuesday 26th November

Tuesday 10th December


Road Safety Week

This week we have been learning all about how to cross the road safely. We put our learning to the test this Friday and we all successfully crossed the road!

Homework Term 2:

Homework Term 2: 1
Homework Term 2: 2
Homework Term 2: 3
Homework Term 2: 4
Homework Term 2: 5
Homework Term 2: 6
Homework Term 2: 7
Homework Term 2: 8
Homework Term 2: 9
Well done to all the children who made such brilliant stables as part of our homework this term!

WOW! What a fantastic nativity! Our version of Jesus' Christmas Party included very grumpy innkeepers, wonderful wise men, super shepherds and of course Mary and Joseph. Our nativity wouldn't have been so special without the input of all the children, who thoroughly enjoyed learning the songs and performing to their adults. We even finished our nativity with a very special song... Nativity Shark!


Thank you to all the adults at home who have supported your children throughout our performances. We hope you loved it as much as we did!


Merry Christmas! See you all in 2020!

We are now part of the Letter-join handwriting scheme and any of our pupils wishing to practice their handwriting at home can now log on to the Letter-join website on iPads and tablets as well as desktop and laptop computers.


Go to and log in using the desktop log in boxes:



Letter-join works best on browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Opera.



Go to and select the tablet log in button, log in using these details:


Swipe code: starting at the top left form the shape of a capital L

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