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Owl (Year 3)

Welcome to Owl Class

On this page you will find all the information you need to support your child at home as well as gain a sneak peak into the exciting journey we are on!

Our question for Term 3 is

'What if you lived in the Stone Age?'


For more information about all the exciting things your child will be getting up to this term, please take a look at our topic map below.

Writing Non-Chronological Reports

Writing Non-Chronological Reports 1
Writing Non-Chronological Reports 2
Writing Non-Chronological Reports 3
Writing Non-Chronological Reports 4
Writing Non-Chronological Reports 5
Writing Non-Chronological Reports 6
Writing Non-Chronological Reports 7
Writing Non-Chronological Reports 8

Our question for Term 2 is

'Does an apple a day keep the doctor away?'

For more information about all the exciting things your child will be getting up to this term, please take a look at our topic map below.

Making Smoothies

Making Smoothies  1
Making Smoothies  2
Making Smoothies  3
Making Smoothies  4
Making Smoothies  5
Making Smoothies  6
Making Smoothies  7
Making Smoothies  8
Making Smoothies  9
Making Smoothies  10
Making Smoothies  11
Making Smoothies  12
Making Smoothies  13
Making Smoothies  14
Making Smoothies  15

Tasting Smoothies

Tasting Smoothies 1
Tasting Smoothies 2
Tasting Smoothies 3
Tasting Smoothies 4
Tasting Smoothies 5
Tasting Smoothies 6

Our question for Term 1 is

'What if a lion was vegetarian?'


For more information about all the exciting things your child will be getting up to this term, please take a look at our topic map below.

Building Skeletons

Building Skeletons  1
Building Skeletons  2
Building Skeletons  3


Belleplates 1
Belleplates 2
Belleplates 3

Online Safety

Online Safety  1
Online Safety  2
Online Safety  3
Online Safety  4
Online Safety  5
Online Safety  6
Online Safety  7
Online Safety  8

Place Value

Place Value 1
Place Value 2
Place Value 3
Place Value 4
Place Value 5
Place Value 6
Place Value 7
Place Value 8

Crime Scene

Crime Scene 1
Crime Scene 2
Crime Scene 3
Crime Scene 4
Crime Scene 5

Home Learning 

Each term, your child will be given a grid of nine different homework challenges with an expectation they will complete three each term. Once a homework challenge is completed, the children are encouraged to bring in their work and show it to the class. 


Useful Information For Supporting

Your Child At Home


Staying Safe Online

With children becoming more tech-fluent, it is vital that both children and parents/carers understand how to stay safe online when using a computer, tablet, phone or games console.


This Thinkuknow website is a fantastic government interactive tool to teach both children and adults how to stay safe online.


We recommend using this website to support the conversations we have in school about e-safety and to develop your own knowledge of how to keep your child safe when they are online.


The parent/carer section also has a CEOP reporting link should you discover an unknown person attempting to contact or message your child in any way that is inappropriate. 




Times Table Rockstars

To support your child to learn their times tables at home, we have provided them with their own account for the TTrockstars website.


This website is a fun, challenging and safe way for your child to develop their times table skills and play against children from around the world in a variety of games.


Spelling Shed

Every Friday new tasks will be assigned to your child on the Spelling Shed website.


They have one week to complete these tasks before new ones will be allocated.


These tasks are designed to help your child develop their knowledge of spelling patterns and rules which will support their learning at school.




We are now part of the Letter-join handwriting scheme and any of our pupils wishing to practice their handwriting at home can now log on to the Letter-join website on iPads and tablets as well as desktop and laptop computers.


Go to the letter-join website and log in using the desktop log in boxes:



Letter-join works best on browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Opera.



Go to the letter-join website and select the tablet log in button, log in using these details:


Swipe code: starting at the top left form the shape of a capital L